Wheelchair walks

I left on my walk and I had a beautiful experience with a hawk! I tried to upload the video but wordpress sees I am out of space. Alas I have no idea what to do about that!!!

My walks are all about being mindful. Living in the moment. Soaking in everything I see and feel. The wind on my skin. The different colors of nature. The feel of the sun. When I left it was sprinkling.  I saw the hawk right away and he looked down on me and squawked a very load squawk.  

I turned back and waited for the rain to stop.  I attached my “boundary” protective sign and was on my way. The bungii cords ( I have no idea how to spell that. I could look it up but I like to write on my blog in a constant stream of thought and looking it up would distract me) , are for me to drag the recycling down to the end of the driveway. The wheels are very worn on one side. A reminder of walking molly who constantly pulled on our walks and wore down the tires on that side. 

I’m so glad I went back out. I was feeling distressed over my shoulder. It is painful and red. But boom a purple flower caught my eye. Brought me back to my intention of experiencing beauty and not focusing on pain. 

And low and behold right next to it were blackberries. I started eating them right away! Unbelievable that nature just produces this incredible fruit growing on the side of the road (I thought later it would have been best to bring them home and wash them from perhaps the dog pee??? But I was living in the moment and they were delicious)

I saw this orange tubular flower growing up a pole that was very striking. I’ve never seen it before. 

And made it home just as the sun was trying to come out. My sweet owl was calling right when I got home. 

30 thoughts on “Wheelchair walks

  1. Hello Bethany. I am so happy that you got to get out and enjoy things that make you feel better. I missed the post on your shoulder. I do hope it is getting better. You have been through more than your share of hard knocks, I hate to see you suffer even more. Be well, best wishes. Hugs


    • I didn’t write a post about it. It just is. My right shoulder has been bothering me since my muscle disease began and it started to atrophy. Some days are much worse than others and the pain travels up my neck and into my face.
      It was getting into bed with my daughter to watch tv and i leaned down on my arm and it just buckled. The shoulder area has been red and burning since. My husband says it looks like something bit me because of the strange discoloration. Not sure. Hopefully it will pass soon. It is still useable so that is all that matters! Thanks for caring!


  2. Love your sign. I think mine might have a crabby face on it though. lol

    We had a tree in our neighborhood when I was a kid that had berries on it. Mulberries I think (?) I used to love climbing up there and eating as many as I could.

    Sorry about your shoulder causing you so much pain. 😦 I am curious…have you ever tried CBD oil for your pain? I was watching a video of someone who tried it for trigeminal neuralgia (facial nerve pain) and claimed it worked well. I was looking into it for PTSD and somehow came across that video.


    • I have CBD oil right here on my table. Doesn’t do shit for shit! I waited 3 months to get approved. Paid $300 out of pocket for the special doctor and then another $100 for this oil and it didnt help one thing. I am SOO bummed!!!!
      I wanted a crabby face but my therapist wanted me to get my point across in a kind way yet still set a boundary. She added the “please” and my husband addded the smile face. My hand written sign was nothing near that nice!

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      • Oh crap, I heard about that issue of the 300 bucks to get approved. I don’t think medical mj is legal here yet. But I’m not really sure. If I wanted to though, I could order CBD oil online.

        I was looking into it a bit and saw how expensive it is. There’s a health food store around here that carries it too.

        That sucks it doesn’t work for you. I probably won’t try it for now. It’s just too much money to take a chance to have it not work.

        Made me laugh that your original hand written sign wasn’t so ‘friendly.’ I can understand why. I have low tolerance to pain and if it hurt me when someone touched me, I would not be so nice either.


      • Omg that was SOOO me!!!!!! I’m so glad you sent me that. I’ve never seen that. He backed away and was like uh yeah no.
        I used to hug people all the time. Anywhere anytime. And i never hugged people because i really wanted to but i felt obligated. I also felt very vulnerable and open and i never liked it. It was not until this year that I realized i didn’t like it unless it was on my terms and i didnt just allow anyone to touch me.
        After the sign. No one touches me. Which is great! In the scooter it is more people pat me for sympathy andi hate that

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      • I’m so glad you enjoyed that. It bothered me that she didn’t take no for an answer the first time. But I loved the way he dealt with it.

        He was adamant but not rude. He didn’t explain himself either. And THEN he laughed when she left, not giving one damn what she thought or how she felt. That was the best.

        I don’t mind hugging people I know and like. But I’m not an initiator of them unless that’s already been established between us.

        That’s so good that the sign works and that you found a way to get people to respect your boundaries. That sympathy crap, yeah, that would really bother me too.

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