Another Girls Story

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Another Saved Girl

After my first few posts you may be wondering what happened to me, so now I’ll let you know.

I was out celebrating a friends birthday and got a taxi back to where my boyfriend lived. The bus lane was closed and so was the road, so I got out of the taxi to make the two minute walk to his front door.

That’s when it happened. But although it was a frightening experience, I was lucky in many ways.

When the man approached me I had just finished a phone call with my boyfriend and was in the middle of texting him that I was close. When I was pushed my finger clicked on the record button and accidentally recorded it. I realised what I’d done and managed to send this to my boyfriend. This has had an amazing impact on my case.

Then another lucky thing happened to…

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6 thoughts on “Another Girls Story

    • When I read it and saw the amount of love and protection she received it touched my heart and that she could see through all of the bad, not that the bad did not happen, but in that she was still able to see the good makes her an incredible human being

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