Snake lives matter too.

I just found this video that I saved. I love looking through the videos that I save. They are mostly of my dogs, flowers, the sky, and this random snake. 

We were driving to get food when this snake popped out of the hood of the car. I didn’t scream or my husband would have wrecked the car. It was a very exciting drive though. Talk about distraction! Can’t really think of past traumas or PTSD or anything at all if a snake is staring at you. Unless ofcourse you are afraid of snakes. Which obviously everyone else was in the video except us. I have no fear of snakes. Everyone that walked by keptcoming closer to video tape him. Then the snake would jump up and they would run off screaming. It was pretty funny. I had to get out of the car and comfort the girls who scared themselves by getting too close to the snake. That snake stayed right there on the windshield until we made it home. He stuck his head up many times. I was so worried he would fly off in traffic and get smashed. But nope. He made it to a dirt road my husband pulled off on to and slithered away. 

9 thoughts on “Snake lives matter too.

  1. The girl yelling and being scared at the end would’ve been me. I saw a black snake on a disc golf course. It was right next to my frisbee. I bent down to pick up the disc and saw the snake. I jumped to the sky. My friends had been standing far from me and didn’t know what my jumping was about and laughed hysterically.

    That is so cool that you aren’t afraid of them and even better you were able to get him (or her) to a safe place. I know there are benefits to having them around in gardens since they eat things that destroy food and other plants.

    I’m going to start calling you Dr. Dolittle. 😀 I just came from watching the bird video post right before this one.


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