Baby owls growing up 

The baby owls are growing up. I saw them together and went out to have a chat with them. I hope the video uploads well. They soon heard their mother call. They flew off one at a time to see her. I have to say that I have been blessed during this particular time in my life to have these majestic creatures bringing light every single day to my life. I am able to count my blessings and these are two of them. 

15 thoughts on “Baby owls growing up 

  1. They most certainly are a blessing! I don’t have any owls near me, but I’ve begun noticing a pair of foxes who play in the field opposite my house at dusk… my boyfriends thinks I’m crazy but it makes me feel so at peace to watch them playing. ❤


      • It has this quiet beauty, watching them play. They’re not an animal you see very often playing outside are they? At least we don’t here. They look so uninhibited and it’s lovely 🙂


      • I would consider that a areal blessing to see wild animal babies playing! We have two in the area next to our house that have been playing too. I posted a picture of them somewhere on my blog but i have no idea where !!! I seem to be out of control posting everything these days! Every picture, every thought, every video.

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      • I will have to look for it! I’ve tried to get a photo of the ones outside, but it’s always too burry and dark. I think it’s good you’re posting a lot… sometimes it’s cathartic to document everything I think xx


    • I have followed them, not hard to since they are in the tree above my head, for months. I adore them. I sit on my deck under our huge tree and watch a mother squirrel making her nest, we watched her for awhile today. I advised her to hold off as long as possible on those babies!!! The baby owls will soon be grown and fly away. They stay about 4 months every year at this time. Owls, elephants, trees, and clouds. I could just obsess over them 24/7! Truly! I find peace in them. Thanks for sharing!!!!

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