Squirrel love

I have watched a mother squirrel all day long from my bedroom window. She has taken one break in 8 hours to eat a mushroom. It has been amazing to watch her. It has distracted me from the pain in my legs. Love can be a great distraction. She has been making a nest. I have watched her break off branches with her teeth, collect moss, carry sticks. She has not stopped all day. Her nest is huge. It is in a perfect spot in the oak tree with some covering. It is amazing to me how one tiny squirrel can make such a big nest. I don’t believe it is just instinct. I believe she is hand picking those pieces for that nest. I believe she is doing it out of love for her babies that will be coming. I once watched a mother squirrel see her babies which had fallen out of a nest, run to them, and gently carry them back up the tree. I saw her face. She loved those babies. It is a choice to love. I wish I could see this kind of love in all mothers of humanity as much as I have seen it in the wild life around my house. 

13 thoughts on “Squirrel love

  1. Aw. Makes me miss the couple of squirrels at the house that would come right up to our porch for peanuts. Oz got to the point of not really chasing them.

    Sorry about your leg. I hope it feels better soon.


    • My leg….it has had a hell of a night tonight again like last night. I am not sure what is going on but thank you for the well wishes!!!
      There is a squirrel that comes right up to my daughter. Sits out her window when she puts make up on. I’m telling you, the animals around here think that maybe we aren’t human or maybe becasue we don’t treat them like animals they don’t act like they are. Still arent sure!

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  2. Wow I really loved this. It made me think too…
    What if we made Love a way of life and the rest a distraction? I think we’d only have to declare it to make it so tbh. I hadn’t realized I thought of it that way too until you said it.
    I think you’re right about mama squirrel. Nature doesn’t get enough credit it is truly beautiful. Ppl just forgot to remember.
    This is a great reminder. Xoxo


    • I was writing as I was watching her. She was so intent. Not just going through the motions but really intent on finding the perfect thing. As i wrote it I thought, you know the people that read my blog will either really “get” me and how I watch things and think about things or they think I am a total nut job. Maybe they will waiver back and forth. “Wow today bethany sounds insane. …hmmm hold on, this post sounds thought out….nope she has lost it again!”
      I always love when someone “gets” me!
      What is so cool is that when I watch these animals I love THEM. It’s all I feel. So there is no room for any garbage thoughts. And i get a lot of garbage thoughts coming in and out. I’m frequently sifting through the shit that others have bestowed upon me throughout my life that have left a residue that keeps popping up and stinking up my head. But when I watch them I just feel free of all of that.


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