9 thoughts on “When do they learn they are nocturnal?

    • Oh , sorry! It was the male baby and he usually does not pay me any mind. He will give me the look over the shoulder glance but then go back to what he is doing. It is the female baby that has long talks with me and looks right at me. In this video he was in a tree right at about my height so not very tall and he turned his back to me but then looked at me for a second and then turned back around like UGH this HUMAN!
      I wish you could be here and experience them with me. My husband waited for 3 hours to watch a movie with me earlier because I had to have my owl time! I just love them. I am sure the babies will grow soon and move away. They are almost as big as the mother so really not looking like babies at all! I watched them in the rain yesterday and one shook all over just like a dog shakes after a bath. They fascinate me. I just love the female. I feel like we are friends and I will miss her voice when she is gone. I listen to her all night when I can’t sleep. She is right outside my window.

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      • Oh my goodness how wonderful how fascinating, I love old, they are great. I wish I was there. I hope they don’t move away soon. Hopefully you will get to see them grow into big owls and hopefully they will stay around for a long time yet


  1. Are all owls nocturnal? Are they maybe the kind that returns every year? I have a cardinal who does. He is what I call “for the love of little red birds” Bc he’s a speck of color in a brown yard lol. Looks like an artistic calling card, thrown in just for the love of it lol. We don’t have owls so I think that’s so very cool I didn’t think they’d be a thing you’d see in your own yard! You really must be throwing some very flora/fauna love vibes out there. xoxo


    • Oh yes, they are nocturnal. But apparently just like all babies they want to be fed every few hours. They mate for life. So the mother and father are always around the neighborhood. They nest in our back trees every year. So i have a video of this exact date from one year ago with a baby in my mimosa tree hanging out just like these babies are.
      We have a cardinal too!!!! I love him! They mate for life too. So his wife is around. They take turns bathing in the bird bath outside of the living room window. But it is so green here year round in florida. Still he stands out. I bet it is really neat to see yours with all of the brown.
      I have no idea what I do that makes the animals come around. Maybe nothing! We just happen to have to right trees and they tolerate me, but the one female baby will fly right over to me. She is for sure my pal. I think she may have an issue with one of her legs. She sits only on one leg. The other one she is always stretching down and pulling up. I know little birds will sit on one leg but this is a huge owl so idk.


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