The love of animals.

Two years ago we lost our sweet Molly. She was 14 1/2 years old. She came to the names: Molly, Molly-moo, Moll-Moo, Moon, Lane, Laney, Elana, trisha, Mol-trisha…The list goes on. I don’t think any of us could tell you the reason for all of her nicknames. She had so many different sides to her personality that each name fit her on a given day. We adored her.

One year later we lost our Jess to cancer. He was 141/2 too. He only had  a few nicknames, Rudy-Roo, Jones, and Jonesy. My heart is still broken over his loss and most likely always will be:

This year is the first year ever, in my entire life, I have been without an animal in my house. 

My first loves were my cat Sam, and my two dogs Benji and Frisky. They had no nicknames! Sam was a siamese cat. Benji wandered up one day as a stray, and Frisky was supposed to be a full bred poodle but came out with stick straight hair, so we inherited him!

A few years back I sent every childhood photo back to my family because I felt they were photos of their memories. I was surprised to find these in my photos today. I guess they were my memories and I wanted to keep them!

The point is, I have always loved animals. All animals. A turkey:

A horse:

And every animal in between. 

But this is the first time I have been without the love of an animal. I say all this because I wanted everyone to know why I cherish the owl. She came at a time when I have had so much loss. And she has brought back some love to me. I am grateful. 

17 thoughts on “The love of animals.

  1. May your heart always be filled with the love of animals and your love for them. They are parts of our families. I have heard the described as fur family, four legged family, family members with a tail. To me the go by friend. Hugs

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  2. This proves my point even more…Dr. Doolittle. 😀

    These pictures are so gorgeous. The two dogs…Yin and Yang together. I remember seeing a picture on your blog of you in your wheelchair and Molly on one side and Jess on the other and thought about the Yin/Yang then.

    The pictures of you as a child with flanked by your pets are so precious. The Siamese…such a cute and funny picture. They are great cats.

    The picture of you and Jess facing the camera…is he making a barky whiny kind of sound there? So funny, looks like he had something to say. lol

    And that owl pic…wow! What a great shot!
    Thanks for sharing.


    • That’s too funny. The doolittle!!!
      Jess was a talker. He always made roo noises. He was doing that when my daughter took the picture. He always had something to say. You have him pegged perfectly just from that picture.
      They did walk one on each side of me. Jess was never on a leash. He was so obedient. I only put him on a leash to get around the corner incase of cars, the back road had no cars so I took him off and he just walked next to me. Molly would run away any chance she got. So she was always on the leash. I was glad we had an acre for her to run in fenced on days I coudln’t walk her.
      I love that owl picture so much.
      That siamese let me haul him around everywhere. Slept in my bed with me. I put him in my baby stroller. He was awesome. After he passed away we got Sam the 2nd who was a girl but still named sam. She lived until she was 21 years old. Man that was awful when she passed away. That was a long time to have an animal.

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      • Haha, I would have loved a cat like that. Must’ve been so cute when he was in your baby stroller. They make stroller type things for pets now. I think they’re adorable but then I’m a fan of dog clothing too. lol.

        Those little female Siamese live a long time I’m guessing.

        When I pet sat, one client was a tiny female Siamese cat who was 20 when I started to visit her. She loved attention and to be brushed. Fur would go everywhere. She talked constantly too.

        Roo noises…yes! That’s the perfect description. I love when dogs do that. They seem to be trying desperately to communicate the way we do when they do that. No leash is awesome when possible.


      • Yes! My siamese talked very loudly all the time. I will post a roo-into video of jessy. The house is so quiet without him.
        Our neighbor has a stroller for her old dog. It’s adorable.
        Our dogs had costumes for Halloween but only for them for five seconds.

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  3. Animals are so much more loyal than people and their love is truly unconditional. They don’t judge us, just love. They feel our emotions and know when we need them most. I had my Chelsea girl for 16 years. I got her in third grade after begging for years. She was a cocker spaniel and I was her favorite person. She was there through the most horrible and the happiest times in my life. She was blind, deaf, and epileptic by the end. She got cancer but wasn’t strong enough to withstand surgery. Finally, when she could no longer get up to go outside and potty, I decided I was being selfish and took her to be put to sleep. It was literally one of the worst days of my life and even now, 15 years later, I still miss her terribly. I’d trade most people I know to have her back. She was my best friend and nobody knew me better.


    • Oh my gosh that is terribly heart wrenching and I know that feeling so so well. When I say I will never get over jess, I know I won’t. His cancer was not treatable. His tumors were all over his body , there was just nothing we could do. His last week of life we were torn because I didn’t want him to suffer and I didn’t want to lose him. The day I said goodbye to him was the worst day of my life.
      I’m so sorry you had to go through the same thing with your dog. It’s only been a year and it feels like yesterday. It feels like everything was taken from my heart when he died. He just loved me, like you said, so unconditionally. And yep, I’d trade most people for just one more day with him. No one compares to the love of a dog. My husband comes in a close second:))). Other than my daughter ofcourse. But when you have that many years being simply loved, it is hard to lose.


      • It was unbearable for a long time. She didn’t deserve to be in pain, but I know a lot of people who do but never get their karma. I was literally escorted out of the vets office because I had the people in the waiting room all upset because they could hear me. I made a scene lol but that was my girl and I didn’t care at that moment.


      • You had to feel. I’m glad you did allow yourself to feel.
        The vet came out to the car and let him go that way.
        My hesitation of getting another dog is feeling that loss again.
        Right now I am content with the wildlife outside the window!


    • Ah thank you so much. I enjoy her every day and have for the last 4 or so months. I know she won’t be here much longer so I feel so blessed every second she spends with me


  4. You really are an animal person, that is a part of your personality you need to cherish, the love of an animal is so unconditional, I am sorry for the dogs you lost but I hope you will get another dog some day. xx


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