I stumbled across some of my old waterskiing pictures. Thought I would share them. This first picture was when I first learned how to turn around backwards on my swivel ski. For me it was the hardest thing to do. 

My first water skiing job was one summer in highschool. My doubles partner could do this lift perfectly on land but always failed on the water. Doing these lifts on the water was my most favorite part of waterskiing. I really hated having a blah partner. Fortunatley, a new partner came in and he was awesome. I couldn’t find any pictures of us though. Here is me at my first job:

Look at that it has a time stamp 1989. Wow what a long time ago. I thought I had sent all these pictures back to my family as well. I guess these three stayed around for a reason not yet known.  It is nice to see my quads still looking good. Maybe I will stare at them long enough so they remind my brain what my quads are supposed to still look like! 

I have always loved the water. Being in it, on it, around it. I am still processing the fact that my brother sold our childhood home. The idea I cannot go back there one day, in that dream where everything is perfect again in life, makes me sad. Something I still have to process. Always processing. That’s how I move forward. 

9 thoughts on “Waterskiing

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  2. Wonderful, beautiful pictures! Wow! I never could do anything like that.

    The picture with the ’89 date stamp…. oh my gosh, this is just so weird. Less than an hour ago, I was reading through some notes that were in a small box I found while cleaning out our storage shed. One note in particular caught my attention. It says:

    “Sometimes I feel so out of place. Where is my place? Do I really belong anywhere?”

    The date on that note: 28 October 89.


    • Too funny!!! Maybe I did! I was the one on top of the pyramid and on the shoulders of the guys doing tricks and so it was fun up there. I never really thought about the alligators


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