Being mindful.

I love being mindful. I was sitting in the parking lot of a grocery store waiting on my husband to get groceries and was mindful of the sky. I completly connected to the sky. Every color, every shade. I stepped outside, in the parking lot and felt the breeze. I watched the breeze blow the clouds as it blew on my face. Nothing else mattered but those clouds. It feels good to be mindful.

On the way home my husband graciously stopped on the side of the road for me to take a picture of this “weed”. I don’t know why it struck me. The fact that it is a 5 foot tall weed with a puffy white something or other on the top? I needed to take its picture. I was glad that I noticed it. I am honestly glad to notice anything these days. Being able to notice and be in the moment is a gift I treasure now. 

When I got home, I sat on the deck with my daughter and watched the owls. There was quite a raucous with the babies as the mother swooped down momentarily on them and flew off. She was bringing them food. One owl flew right over our heads and called down to us. We just watched and listened to them. Thinking of nothing else. Being nowhere else. Just staying in the moment. Something I have not always had the ability to do and still sometimes don’t. When I can, I am grateful. 

15 thoughts on “Being mindful.

    • I was excited about the weeds!! I was like honey. Stop so I can get a picture of that! Something about those clouds had me mesmerized. I was very stared at by the people in the parking lot! Apparently they’d never seen anyone take pictures of the sky before in a grocery store lot

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  1. I like it when I am being mindful too. I love clouds and weeds can be so pretty. That one looks like a thistle. We have some that are similar here, but the flower part is purple and it is covered in sharp thorns.

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    • Me too! This is all new. It started maybe 3 months ago when my therapist suggested I start going for walks again like I did with jessy but just go alone and try to be mindful. She wanted me to get outside and away from the house like when I had jessy and so she gave me this task. Sometimes it takes a full hour to be mindful. It is very hard. Sometimes just a few minutes. It depends on where my mind is when I begin

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