My adventure today with lots of pictures

I have to tell you I woke up today feeling about as forlorn and despondent as a person could feel. I had to go in search of joy. I feel the strong desire to embrace my ability to walk and drive (even if it is only a few miles away) as if today could be my last. To truly go out with the intention of loving, admiring, and appreciating everything I come in contact with. 

I brought my camera and started out with different pictures of some back roads that I cannot normally access, but the gate was open! Here are the roads I drove. The first one has steam coming off of it because it had rained and the road was so hot!

During my road adventure I discovered the most beautiful flowers. Fields of wildflowers. Yellow, orange, purple, every color there is, was there. Here are the flowers I found:

On my adventure I ran into some animals that were oh so willing to give me love. There were some random goats who paid me no mind. I pet one white horse and kissed the nose of a tiny brown one:

And the sky. It changed around every corner. It was beautiful:

The highlight of my day was this little horse running as fast as his tiny legs would carry him to see me. He was kissed a LOT!

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