The last few hours of your child’s life

This gave me chills, and tears, and left me in a daze, and left me with a profound beating heart and sense of love for this writer and her child. I can only imagine reliving this or writing these words could be anything but agonizing. I am hoping other parents will read this blogand connect to the strength and love within it

Mother that isn't...

Not sure what’s worse – your child’s death or knowing that she/he has just a couple of more hours to live.

Ayden passed away on a Friday afternoon. The same morning, when his BP went down drastically low, it was kinda understood that he’s not going to make it. Doctors still did whatever they could. Around 9-10 am, his surgeon very hesitantly told us that he just has 1 or 2 hours left. I swallowed a big lump down my throat.

I didn’t try to think.

I took my mother, sister and a close friend inside the ICU to let them see him alive for one last time.


I called important family members, so they have time to take the next available flight/bus/train whatever.

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 4.19.25 PMI started packing our things in the hospital room. Threw my lactation supplements in the bin. changed my clothes. Called a friend to come and…

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6 thoughts on “The last few hours of your child’s life

  1. Both the same. For any family that has been through it we wouldn’t really hypothesize etc… All we are left with if we survive is compassion and ostracism because we are no longer fun. My mother’s sobriety of the last 21 years has embarrassed and shamed many. Not that she had any intent or mind too. She stopped drinking a year after my brother was killed and the police and coroner swept it away. Despite our now indestructibility we are pariahs considering our former standing. We help many who others wipe or gave no chance. It can happen to anyone. Instead of love and support nice assholes told mum it would never happen to them because they are good. Somehow Mum deserved it or did something wrong? Compassion and love. Then we die too. None live forever. We only have good deeds.


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