My precious owl came back. I could have pet her. She was so close. I think she has a mild injury to her leg. It is either stretched down or her fingers(talons?)aren’t holding onto the branch, they just stick out. She is slightly smaller than her brother. 

I sat on a “pondering and observing rock). I labeled it. 

Listening to her and looking around the yard at variousness which I am unsure if it is a word but there are alot of varying things on this blog!

My rock flower has grown a new flower. 

The original rock flower is blooming happily

And a new happy vine flower came around too that is white

A rose that my mother planted years ago has decided to bloom a tiny pink bloom.

And now I must go back and talk to my owl because she has flown to a branch over me and we have some things to talk about!

18 thoughts on “Variousness

      • Oh my gosh I am sooo jealous. I have been wanting to go to the beach for weeks now. It is so relaxing to me to feel the breeze and smell the air!!! I did not do much this weekend at all. Spent some time with my owl 🙂 watched a TERRIBLE movie called trolls with my daughter and husband. Went for a long wheelchair walk with my husband and we got completely caught in the pouring rain. We were both drenched!!! Haven’t been caught in the rain in years. How are you today?

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      • Doing good today it’s my mum’s birthday today so we are going out for lunch. I’m looking forward to it we are going to a local garden centre. I also have my PA coming this morning I have to go grocery shopping i


  1. I love your owl!!!

    When I was a little girl, maybe 7 or 8, I had a squirrel that would get close to me in the yard like that, and listen while I talked. Then she was gone for awhile. But one day she came back, and marched a line of baby squirrels back and forth in front of me, just out of my reach!!!

    I sat entranced as they paraded back and forth, several times, in a perfectly straight line. Then she led them into the forest. I never saw her or her babies again.

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    • I tell her that I love her. That I appreciate her. That I have no friends like her that come to me, listen to me, look at me intently, don’t interupt me, and then reply with a compassionate cry. I cry to her about the emotional pain I feel. I cry to her about the physical pain I am in. I tell her everything I would tell my very best friend that sat by my bedside every day and held my hand through this hard time except I have no such friend. But I have the owl. And she seems to know I need her. So she hold my hand in her own way every day to make sure I make it through knowing I am not really alone.
      My husband also pointed out that not everyone has an owl friend too! I never actually thought about it until he mentioned it


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