Poetry: The dream

My dogs had never been to the beach

But there we were in the sand

Molly on the left, Jessy on the right

Their leashes within my hands

I felt my heels hit and the flex of my feet

My quads and my legs 

Finally running


And breathing

Laughing into the air

I found my way back to me…


I was finally free.







24 thoughts on “Poetry: The dream

      • Woke from a terrible sleep on a very small couch. Sorry about the owl. I deleted the post. I don’t even have that pic in my photos. That reblogging had 2 of it. I am sorry about that. I don’t even know how that photo got there


      • It’s totally fine! I just thought how on earth is my owl in your country and I looked at the tree and saw it was definite her. It may have just been from something you reblogged of mine. You could have kept it and just said I took it. I would not have minded

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      • Sorry about that. What baffles me is how the post has 2 pics of it. I never do that. The Bard has been having flashbacks etc… he sees a new counselor today for it. GP’s have not helped. I have been busy last couple of weeks keeping an eye on him. Got to cross town again soon. This new counselor specializes in the issue. Our system has tried to sweep many of us under the carpet


      • Oh no! I am so sorry to hear about the flashbacks. They are awful to try and handle and overcome. The counselor I am seeing specializes in it too. I see her every other week right now. The flashbacks come in waves for me. and then there are the nightmares on top of that. GPs really do not help with flashback issues at all.
        It’s totally ok. I just got confused about the picture because I know every square inch of her because am very attached to her and I looked at it and was I thought that HAS to be her! Really. You didn’t need to take it down. The issue of monsanto is huge as they are killing the bees and poisoning the groundwater and everything in between.
        I hope the new counselor helps.
        MUCH is swept under the rug. Silence is rewarded. It is backwards with many casualties!

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      • Cheers. Thanks for understanding and your kindness. These things are global issues. People are getting diagnosed with PTSD for too much paperwork whilst those of us victims of protected criminals are supposed to fall on our swords. Along the way as we have been divided and conquered… we have found others like ourselves. Many of us have not received appropriate help despite years of requests. We got further harm it has seemed and further marginalization in our society and economy.
        Change is a certainty in LIFE


      • Absolutely! We COULD be forgotten but if we stand together then we are not alone in the fight.
        Economy…who can even afford to get the right help. To see a psychiatrist here it is out of pocket $300. To see a psychologist, after you meet the $750 deductible then it is $88 copay. Society makes it hard to get well

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      • Maybe that is not entirely coincidental? With a double major in political science and history… like a new born baby it just happens every day

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      • Daughter of Zeus born from his own temple. Strategist and warrior. Patron deity of Athens. Relates to Libra and Justice. Something the Forest Witch and I discussed on our first encounter.


      • Well my daughter is a Libra and I am all about justice! And the owl has visited me every day. My daughter loved the name Athena and said we should call her that from now on

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      • Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite started the Trojan war by making Paris choose which one of the 3 goddesses was the most beautiful.


  1. I like the way you wrote this out. But I know that had to suck to wake up and realize it was a dream.

    Love the dog pics. Molly eating watermelon is ridiculously adorable.


  2. Because you inspire and encourage me, please accept this acknowledgement! Thank you for sharing your journey! https://diaryofarecoveringcodependent.com/2017/06/20/the-courage-to-change-award/

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