My dogs lives.

I was planning a big post on our dogs and their lives and how, incredible they were. But I couldn’t do it. My heart is still too fragile and I miss them so much. I did pick a few pictures. My daughter used to do dog agility with both of them. They loved it. Every afternoon after school she dedicated her time to her dogs. And when they weren’t with her they were going on 2 miles wheelchair runs with me or snuggled up. Our beds were their beds. I was out walking today and met a man who was walking a yellow lab. He told me that he didn’t have a fence and his dog was an outside dog who was in a pen. My heart just sunk. I said, “So he lives in prison.” And I couldn’t believe I said it. Then I spent the next 20 minutes telling him how important walking the dog and just putting up a cheap farm fenced area so the dog could at least run. My heart broke for the dog. But that is how I am. After I left the man I saw a beetle walking across the road. It was missing his front left leg. But he was hobbling along. I told him I understood his frustration. I was going to sit and make sure he made it across the road. A man in a golf cart zipped past and said, “Protecting that beetle are you?” Which I found so endearing that he noticed the beetle too! 

Here are a few pictures of my dogs. There was no pen for them. They knew freedom!

If you turn the volume up you can hear what Jessy thought about his life. He told us every day all day!

10 thoughts on “My dogs lives.

  1. Partners in crime in that first video. They look so happy doing the jump. Molly’s smile. 🙂
    So cool to hear Jessy’s voice.

    I love that you said that to that guy. What was his response? You planted the seed, hopefully he comes through.


    • Jess followed anything that molly did. When she ate, he ate. If she dug for moles then he did. He was a poor digger! So he typically just got dirt dumped on his head.
      They were so so happy jumping. Molly would jump the jumps even if no one was out there.
      Jessy’s voice was so remarkable. He never stopped telling everyone how he felt. It is so quiet without him.
      The man said he had never thought about the dog being in a prison and he actually listened to my very long ramble about how to train and raise a dog

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      • That makes me happy that he listened to you. Most people in my experience get so defensive and angry.

        Since he listened, it sounds promising. Hopefully he will let the dog in the house now too.

        Thank you for being brave and speaking up.


  2. Thanks for sharing this. We had a Black Lab Husky mix she had the Lab body with blue eyes she love to dig! She hated being inside. She dug a hole under my dad’s workshop in the backyard that was over 5 feet deep and loved rolling around in it. We adopted a German Shepard mix that looked like a small wolf he was so loving but again hated being inside. We let him play the lab it was large enclosed area where they could run and climb. They slept in their den. The lab lived to be 20 after she passed the Shepard started to change and age quickly. It broke my heart he passed away not long after her. We’ve always had outside and inside dogs doesn’t matter to me I love them all.


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