This little critter

So in our area of Florida this animal would be considered a “critter.” He is an armadillo. I was taking the recycling out and there he was. That little guy walked right up to me so close that I kept stepping backwards. I have never had an armadillo come right up to me before. He was so…bizarre looking. I have to tell you I found nothing cute or adorable about him which is a rarity for me! But he did have a winning personality so he gets points for that!!! He lost a few points there at the end because he smelled positively foul. Now I will know that particular smell if I come across it again!He actually gets extra points for being the highlight of my day though.  It was not a pleasant day. It was one of those worrisome, negative thought, negative emotion, gloom and doom days. But he made me smile so he gets a gold star. 


27 thoughts on “This little critter

      • The beauty of Florida is it is always bright, sunshine, green, flourishing with nature. The bad is it is hot as blazes, humid as hell. And the mosquitoes eat you alive. So a breeze, the beach, and a screened in porch are necessary or you’ll be briefly entertained by armadillo then need to retreat back indoors


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