Yesterday after my therapy I was feeling particularly drained. It was pouring rain as we were driving home and I wanted to set my intentions on something mindful and positive. I decided I would set out in search of raindrops on anything in nature. My very first flower greeted my at the front door. My gardenia. She smelled amazing and the raindrops on her were just perfectly put. 

I then wanted to find a raindrop that was about to fall and on a stick I found a drop just waiting. I watched it but it never fell. 

I searched out a leaf with the perfect rain drop and found one on my jasmine

And I found the perfect red leaf just waiting to have it’s photo taken.

While under the tree my sweet owl called out. I looked up and there she was. All fluffed up and puffed up from the rain. 

It was a very calming choice for me to make. 

Late in the evening my daughter and I heard a buzzing and went into the kitchen to find this. A beetle caught in a spider web. I know it is blurry. Some of these are

I had a moment of,.. do I let the spider eat? Or do I let the beetle die? I just couldn’t let the beetle die. He was fighting so hard. So I climbed on the bench and got him down with a swiffer. Not the greatest choice for my leg or my shoulder but I don’t always think of myself when I am thinking of saving something, even a beetle. So I got him down, only to have him fly into another spider web. We have two that I leave because, well I don’t bother the spiders. 

So I got the beetle out. Set him outside. Felt very victorious and exhausted from his rescue ONLY to have that sucker fly right back into the house. I have no idea where he went. His fate is still unknown. It was quite the experience. My daughter took a few videos I will try to upload. He was a very big beetle. And very hard and his feet were prickly. It was not my best moment. The video is of my daughter and me trying to wipe the spider web off the little guy

This morning I woke up to these bloomers that I wanted to share. White and orange honey suckle, pink pintas and purple heather, and the sweet flower with a cross on it.

I looked at my house and it looked so small compared to the massive oak tree in the front yard and the back yard.

I love the perspective it gives on how powerful and strong things in nature can be. 

The last thing I wanted to share is this bug who felt he needed to be showcased as he was sitting right there when I walked out. He is an odd looking yellow bug that I have never seen before. And this very white mushroom I felt like sharing just because.

For my friends that are visually impaired I wanted to share with you that I closed my eyes and felt every flower. The ones with corners did not feel like they had corners. They felt soft. Each flower had exactly the same feel, of velvet. I even felt the raindrops on them. I wanted to be able to describe them since you cannot see them. And I thought each would feel somewhat different. But they didn’t. Each flower felt just like velvet. The gardenia had thicker stronger petals whereas the pentas felt more thin and fragile. But all velvety and equally as beautiful. 

The bug and the muschroom I did not touch! I’m thinking the bug was a stinger and the mushroom just looked like…well fungi that I did not want to touch. 

Hoping you all have a good day and can find some beauty if it is only in a raindrop. 

20 thoughts on “Raindrops

  1. That gardenia is magnificent with all the tiny drops of water on it!
    PS the lovely plant with the yellow and purple in the middle is dietes or wild iris. It is very popular in Australian gardens as it is virtually unkillable 🙂


    • Ohhh thank you so much! I love how it looks like two crosses are in the middle. It is so beautiful and delicate. It has been there for 12 years now and this is the first summer it has bloomed. My dog layed on it daily as her spot outside. It was her sun spot in the afternoons and the plant was smashed for 11 years. And it definitely was unkillable. Had no idea it would bloom. Just thought it was a random grassy plant
      I did love the gardenia picture so much too.

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    • My daughter screamed the entire time. The full beetle story is that the beetle got caught in another web behind my hutch and I had no idea a spider was back there. I let the one on the ceiling be there for some unknown reason. Anyway, the beetle got caught in the other web and a black widow came out. My daughter has tons of basically screaming video of us deciding to save this beetle and then try to get rid of the black widow which we could not get so we currently have a poisonous spider in the kitchen behind the hutch which I am not happy about. And a missing beetle. And a very strange looking bug still on the door but he is outside so that is ok.
      I loved the flowers though.
      And we decided that we hope nothing tragic ever happens because through all the screaming over the bugs and spiders my husband never woke up!!!!

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      • Do those poisonous spiders bite humans if you touch them, I’d be so scared, I mean what if you were asleep and I came in your bed or something oh my God the thought of that, I take it your daughter doesn’t like bugs are spiders then either, tell her I don’t either, what’s her name again? XXX


      • Yes, it is a poisonous spider. But apparently it lives behind the hutch in the kitchen. He would have to leave the kitchen go through the living room and go down a long hall way to get to our bedroom. On my husband’s day off he will be in charge of removing the spider by moving the hutch to get to it. I was trying to use a long swiffer duster so I was no where near the spider. I hoped it would crawl on the swiffer and i’d throw it outside but no such luck.
        My daughter doesn’t like bugs that fly. She doesnt like me to kill anything though so i have to let it go outside if i can catch it. She doesn’t like spiders and wants them caught and released outside. It is hard to catch a spider though.
        Her name is Riley.

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