A selfie with a goat.

I drove 2 miles to the prairie to visit prairie life. There were birds EVERYWHERE. I saw a tiny black bird. I tried to get his picture but it was blurry. I will post it anyway. He was jet black with a red chest. I had never seen such a thing. He is just on the top of that tree next to the prairie. And the sky on the prairie is always breathtaking

As I crossed through the prairie there was another massive bird sitting on a fence. He was blurry too. NOT my day for picture taking. Maybe because it was sprinkling out? Or maybe because I am NO photographer and if it is clear it is just by luck.

He flew over me and across the prairie and he was a sight to behold with his wingspan.

After I crossed the prairie I saw a deer. I quick took her blurry picture.

Then I walked up to her. It is the first conversation I have had with a deer since I was 18 years old and put an injured deer in my car. I immediately started to cry. I have no idea why except that it felt I was in the presence of an angelic being. She let me stand there and talk to her for a few minutes, and cry, and then she hopped off like a rabbit with her little white tail flicking. 

Then I made it to my precious and I mean PRECIOUS little horse that I visit. Our visit was interrupted by a goat that I am telling you was ALL ABOUT THE SELFIE. I pet him. I scratched him. He was standing on top of the fence butting his way past the little horse, in fact he did ram the little horse to get attention. So here are my goat selfies:

I did kiss the goat. Well he kissed me. He was very lovey. I thought he just wanted to sniff me but nope, he was a kisser. 

I did finally get a chance with the sweet horse who I adore. I actually had a chat with a cow too which was a first for me. I will try to add both videos. Lot of animal loving going on. And a random sunflower that was HUGE 

Looks like there isn’t enough room for cow conversations… another day…

20 thoughts on “A selfie with a goat.

      • How special! I’ve seen deer, turkeys, eagles, fox, and coyotes in our neighborhood. Your encounters are much more personal. Although the coyote encounter I had was interesting. I was out walking in the early morning and it was running down the street. We locked eyes for a few seconds and it went on. I wasn’t sure if I was in trouble or not! I watched it until it was out of sight. I have heard them and seen footprints around, so it was cool to see one so close!


      • Just the fact that you locked eyes is sooo neat.
        They seem to let me get very close to them, animals. I had a coyote experience. Did I tell you? I was in my wheelchair and I rounded the corner to someone’s house on their side walk and he was just right there a few inches from me. He and I locked eyes too. His eyes were yellow. He was beautiful. Then he trotted off. The neighbor freaked out. Said they could not believe I just sat there. Welllllll what was I supposed to do???? Safest thing for me to do was not move. And they surely weren’t running out to save me!!!! He was bad ass though. Not as fantastic as my owl but he was pretty darn awesome. I think because he was so close.
        I think it is so cool you had a coyote experience too

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      • I think my owl is moving on soon. She comes only every few days now and only says one hello. No indepth owl conversations. She is branching out to neighboring trees and getting further away. I saw her on my walk today 2 streets over. I’m guessing they have a territory and this is her parent’s territory so she will at some point move on.
        All I can say is something else better come along equally as cool because i have no idea what will entertain me for hours on end when she goes

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    • I never have! I should. I would love it. I love taking pictures and capturing moments although i have no clue what i am doing! But i take the picture anyway. One day…I think i need to put photography course on my to do list

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      • Yip, have two photography businesses. One I started with a fellow pro photographer in June- wedding and event photography. And my personal one- maternity, newborns and babies, families and model portfolios. 😊


      • I had no idea. How exciting. That must be such a rewarding job. Thank you for sharing it with me. Do you have your photographs on your blog and I jusn’t haven’t seen the folder?


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