Non-toxic nail polish and an awful manicure to show it off.

Just a normal day at home…but it wasn’t. Any time I can get my daughter outside is an absolute gift. I thought I would give her a manicure and pedicure. FAIL! I have zero talent at painting nails and it truly looked like a child painted her nails. She got a good laugh. I used a leaf, which I thought perfectly logical, to get off the polish from her skin, she didn’t. We use sophie non-toxic nail polish. You can wipe it off with an alcohol wipe. For all of you chemically sensitive friends, this or piggy paint are the best. Piggy paint has zero smell. Sophie smells like, not nail polish, but maybe like a crayon?

My daughter documented my inabilities so I thought I would share them: 

24 thoughts on “Non-toxic nail polish and an awful manicure to show it off.

    • I have said that my entire life!!!!! I can’t believe you just said it! Ive said I think my nails feel too heavy and like they are suffocating!!!!! We researched piggy paint made for pregnant mothers and that was the first polish that I ever put on that I kept on.
      Thanks for watching . It was fun

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  1. Now my nail polish is non-toxic as well but I guarantee We Stand by our line of true color the finishes are amazing, not to mention long-lasting I’ve seen it go 12 days or longer with no chip no peel also they all provide a skin nourishing reconditioning strengthening formula and we have several colors and I would love if you would shop my store I’m totally going to follow your blog and I hope you’ll do the same.

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