Wheelchair walks

My husband and I went for a walk today. The sky was a rare almost cloudless sky. In Florida, there are always clouds of some sort. Today was pretty darn widespread blue though.

Then there came some wisps of clouds.

But overall it was blue. The few clouds that were there blew away. We took the back road where it is covered in a tree canopy to keep cool. 

That is where I saw this butterfly. I walked over to her and she immediately flew away. I called her, ” Oh please come back!!!” My husband said she would. And she DID!!! She was breathtaking. The flowers were breathtaking. I have never seen flowers like this before. The flowers were a pale pink with a dark pink rim. They looked like upside down cones? Or maybe a fancy hat with a ruffle around the bottom. The butterfly was black and yellow stripped. I don’t think I have ever seen a more perfect butterfly. 

We walked past our favorite lot that has been for sale for 12 or so years. There sat a hawk. I tried to get a picture of him but he was too far from me. When I zoomed it it just blurred him. So I put the camera down and just watched him. His chest was more yellow than I have seen on hawks. His feet stood out a bright yellow. He paid me no mind. I think he glanced at me once. He just sat there, very regal, very majestic, and I watched him. My husband walked around behind him to look at the property for sale. There has never been a house on it. We always wanted to build on it thinking it would be in clear view of the prairie. But it wasn’t. Hmm. How interesting that our dream lot was not what we imagined it would be for 12 years. We had imagined that it looked over the prairie but in reality it was just a beautifully wooded lot. Well, we already have one of those! As soon as he walked back to the road the hawk flew over and screeched a few times. I have always loved hawks. They were my favorite bird until my sweet owl came along. 

It was hot so we needed to turn back when we saw…the grasshopper. My husband knows they are one of my greatest bug fears. Hyperventilate high heart rate kind of irrational bug fear. My husband was going to scoot him along out of my way but I decided I needed some good cognitive behavioral therapy ( I’ve seen it work many a time). I went up to that grasshopper and leaned down and took his picture. Then I leaned closer and took another picture. And then I decided that now was not the time for therapy and I need to RUN AWAY from that scary and I mean scary grasshopper. Really let me show you. My heart rate was way too high and it was way to hot out to give myself grasshopper therapy I can tell you that!

Have you ever seen a scarier bug in your life? He may as well have had a sword while spitting fire. They FLY. I mean really. WHYYY!!!! Moving on so as not to give myself a heart attack, we came across a very shiny metallic green bug. A nice distraction.

I have no idea how my husband has the patience for all of my shenanigans. But he does. Which is why I love the man to death among a thousand other reasons. 

We got home to find the crepe myrtle that I planted 12 years ago had FINALLY decided to bloom. I was so excited. 12 years! And she bloomed. Wheelchair walks with my husband are…cherished.

16 thoughts on “Wheelchair walks

  1. Beautiful. I love it. I’m glad you got to have some time with your husband and that you saw all these wonderful things. I’m so glad. I’m so thankful. That’s awesome. Love the pictures. Thanks for letting me come along.

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    • The property is over 10 acres. All we could see from the road was about 1 acre. I can’t walk on it because I can’t walk in grass and they mowed a path so I guess people could look at the property so he finally walked it.
      I have 2 flowers that bloomed for the first time in 12 years this summer and two plants , gardenias, that have bloomed twice for the first time in 12 years. No idea what’s going on around here


  2. I love how it looks like you go someplace different on every single one of these walks. Such an adventure to check out the pics.

    I remember the grasshoppers I’ve seen being green so they’re not quite as scary. I guess it depends on region ?

    My bug fears are in the ones that have pinchers or a thougsand legs or really really big spiders. Little spiders not so much. I’ll save them all day, but when they’re gigantic, no, they freak me out.

    As someone fearful of grasshoppers though, you got a good picture of the one you saw.

    We’ve had praying mantises on our outside wall near our front door when we lived at our house. That was pretty cool.


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