Calming ways

It took me two trips out today to find calm.

My first trip was to the prairie. I only made it one mile because my legs were not feeling strong. Before I reached the prairie was a fence that has always been there but I had no idea what lived there until today.

I have absolutely NO idea what these animals are. They look like a Paint horse but they made a sound exactly like a donkey. There were three and they each came to the fence to stare at me. Normally with animals I get such a sense of peace and calm. These guys just made me laugh. I just laughed. I have no idea why. I hear the noise they made in the middle of the night sometimes traveling across the prairie. They look like someone just tossed some black paint on their white fur.

I came home. I walked into the house. Ten minutes later knew that I needed more time. I wrote a poem to try and clear my head. It just didn’t do what it normally does. So I left again. And I found a beautiful blue sky with a dot of a moon. Not a cloud in it. And a beautiful pink flower. They looked like trumpets. Shining in the sun. That immediately cheered me up.

I then asked my neighbor if it was ok to take a few pictures of his flowers and I told him I had posted one I took of his yellow flower climbing the pole a few weeks ago. He graciously took me through to his back yard that had an adorable cobblestone path just wide enough for my wheelchair. This place was a flower/plant heavenly place. He and his wife have every variety and ever kind of plant and flower and shrub and bush that I have ever seen in my life. I went into the back yard and I felt a choir singing it was that glorious!

I took a few pictures. Nothing will do them justice because my hands had a tremor, which sometimes happens, so it was just impossible to get a clear shot. Tremors make pictures…difficult. Tiny yellow star like flowers with a white leaf next to it.

I don’t know how to describe these for my friend over at therapybits… big bunch of long streaming star shapes that are white with a purplish streak down each white petal. Beautiful.

I believe he said this was a desert rose. I should have taken notes. He was an expert on all of them and I was mesmerized.

This was just a tiny red circle flower that was flat with a yellow center.

As I was about to leave his wife broke me off a flower to smell that was by far my favorite.  I can only say it is purple and smelled like cotton candy. It really made my day. Both of them taking the time to let me see their yard was a true blessing.

I’m rarely out for the sunset.

I recorded some birds singing for my friend Carol Anne

Then my owl flew over with her brother. I tried to video them but the cicadas were so incredibly loud they were all I could hear. So I took some pictures of the pink and orange clouds that just showed up for the sunset and headed home.

13 thoughts on “Calming ways

  1. I love ya too girly! I’m having a pretty bad night over here so this made me smile! Thank you my dear friend all the way over the good ol usa! Happy fourth to you too! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoooooooooooooo ❤ xoxoxoxoxoxox


    • Oh no sweet friend. I am so so sorry that you are having a bad night too. This has been the worst in some time for me. Sending love far across the ocean to you.


  2. I love the sound of the birds so much more when it’s not bouncing off walls of houses and buildings. The birds in your video sound so nice.

    I missed this one. Glad I caught it tonight.


    • Birds bounce of houses?
      Oh my gosh that took me way too long to understand. My brain just processed it LOL i was imagining birds falling on houses and thinking why would birds fall on houses!!!!
      I’ve been trying to do more videos with sound because of the people who follow my blog who are blind can’t see the pictures and it just seems cruel

      Liked by 1 person

      • Lol, I got confused for a second reading your comment. I thought maybe I wrote what I wanted to say, wrong

        Yeah, the birds songs bounce off the houses creating quite a sharp sound. It’s much better when there’s just trees and nature.


      • I just read it at 2 am and my eyes blurred and I was like what?? Duh! I had a brain mush moment for sure!!! Sorry about that. You didn’t write it wrong. My brain just didn’t process it bc it was mush.
        But yes. I totally understand. It is different hearing the sounds bounce around then being in their presence and just listening

        Liked by 1 person

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