The loneliness is palpable.

The silence is piercing.

My sound machine,

Wooshing its air,

Blocking out…


The ringing in my ears?

I question,

Why did I turn it on?


There is no sound to block.

Just the screaming loneliness.


If you look at the word long enough

You think it must be spelled incorrectly.

So lonely,

That you’ve found yourself staring at a word.

For longer than you realize.

I’ve stared too long.

The english language has blurred.

As I have blended in with the walls

Like I knew I eventually 


8 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. I love your poetry.
    I felt so lonely this morning when I finally got out of bed. I usually like to be alone but the first feeling this morning was that of depression.

    I also have a noise machine and a fan.


    • I have an air purifier, box fan, bathroom exhaust fan, and sound machine. 🙂 it’s like I am in an airplane.
      Thank you. For reading my poetry.
      Last night and today are full of depression and sadness and despondency. I hope to find a way to pull out of it.
      I’m so sorry you woke up feeling lonely

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      • I hope you find a way out of that depression as well. It’s so hard to feel that way.

        It’s funny all the white noise you have. I live on a main road and need it sometimes. I have become more sensitive to noise over the years. I think there’s a way to be less sensitive for me, which involves a strict diet. But that’s another story.


      • I am the white noise queen over here! It is because I hear EVERYTHING. My daughter breathes and I hear her. It is only so I can sleep and not hear her. Although if she needs me I still hear her. But if I didn’t have the fans on I’d hear the sink or her open her water bottle. Since she has been sick my senses are on overload

        Liked by 1 person

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