16 thoughts on “And in lighter news…

    • Me too. She and I have been friends since our children were born a few days apart. We nursed them together and our kids grew up together. My only real friend on this earth. As in, in person, sees me, etc. I do have some wonderful friends like you and others on WordPress that I do cherish

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      • That’s awesome. I’m so glad you have someone like that in your life. I have friends like her in my life as well. I cherish them. And I also have wonderful and beautiful friends like yourself and others here on WordPress that I cherish as well.


  1. You are AWESOME. And your owl — WOW!!!!!!!!!!

    I am praying for you to have a better day today — and me, too. I’ve been out of sorts lately because the pastor of the church where we have attended for six years, has gone off the deep end of crazy. He recently called my stepdaughter up late at night, waking her up, and asked her, urged her, to do him a favor. The favor, if she had done it, would have amounted to a federal felony on the military base where she works.

    My stepdaughter, whom I have grown to love like my own daughter, was devastated, confused, outraged — you name it. She came to me with all of this, not wanting to upset her dad, because he has had 3 heart attacks and he had just had a bad eye hemorrhage, possibly caused by a blood pressure spike.

    After my stepdaughter told me what had happened, then I was also devastated, confused, and outraged — over the years, I had come to love this man like a younger brother. Then, the very next day, this pastor called my husband’s phone while he was asleep. I answered, told him about my husband’s eye hemorrhage, reminded him of his history of 3 heart attacks, told him that my husband had an appointment with the eye dr in 3 days, and that in the meantime his daughter and I were trying to keep him calm, which was very hard to do considering that we were very upset about him asking her to commit a federal felon on the military base where she works!

    Giving the pastor the benefit of the doubt, maybe he did not realize that honoring his request would mean breaking federal laws. But what did this man, who has been our pastor for 6 years, do right after we ended our phone conversation? He unfriended both my husband and my stepdaughter on Facebook, although neither of them had said one cross word to him about anything, I was the only one who did that! (I am not on FB, so he could not unfriend me.)

    So this is why, Bethany, if some of my comments have been too down, depressed, defensive, or….. whatever. My mind is reeling from all this. I have been trying to write a post about it, but…. wow. It’s hard.

    You are awesome, you can write about all these things so coherently. When my emotions are in a knot, I just….. whew…. don’t even know.

    But the Lord gave you peace yesterday!!! He is so good, and the Only One who will never let us down! He will never unfriend or unfollow or block us. Only we can do that. What a Friend we have in Jesus!


    • Speaking directly from the heart…The pastor knew exactly what he was doing. He had NO right to call your stepdaughter on her personal phone to ask a personal favor at NIGHT no less. There are red flags all over the place. Too many. So then, he didn’t get his way, trying to go through the more fragile (younger naive fragile person) to the father. He knows, of the medical problems if you are that close.so he didn’t get his way and so his intention was to call your husband and try to manipulate him as well.
      You answering the phone was, what I feel, God allowing you to protect your husband and stepdaughter. You had the ability, the strength, the foresight, to set up a boundary and make it clear.
      The proof of the pastor’s ill intention is that he unfriended your husband and stepdaughter. He knows now that you all have knowledge of his impureness so he had to cut ties.
      He has shown you his true colors. Don’t doubt what you know is right and that fact is that he is very wrong. Don’t make excuses for him or think he just didn’t realize. This was calculated. You have protected your family. I am sure of it.
      I’m glad you shared it with me. Thank you.
      I can’t always write coherently. Sometimes I ramble.
      I was given peace yesterday. I was given sunsets and neighbors and a friend.
      The Lord has allowed you to see the truth in this man which is a blessing because who knows the damage he could have done.

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