When life tries to cut you down…

But you keep on growing anyway…

It’s really the only thing we CAN do. Just keep growing. We can gain wisdom. We can evolve and become more enlightened. We can use all of those experiences of pain to give empathy and love to others going through the same. We can make sure no one is going through this journey alone. No one wants to do this alone. No one wants to feel they are the only ones chopped down and sawed at by those wishing to inflict harm. I don’t want to feel alone in this. 

So I am glad we have each other, those who I have met while blogging. I’m glad we can go through this growth together. I may feel weak, I may feel broken, I may feel a handful of hard hurting emotions, but I have also grown as person. I have opened my heart and soul and life up on this blog and I have received only love in return. What a gift!

15 thoughts on “Growth.

  1. Oh that tree!
    I have a tree right outside my bedroom window. It is the gem of this apartment. Just before Spring this year and while the branches were still empty of their leaves, a tree cutting company came an cut a lot of the branches off of that tree and another couple of trees of the same kind that are outside the front of the apartment building next door.

    I wondered about how the leaves would grow on that tree outside my window and wondered IF they’d grow. But to my pleasant surprise, they began to come in slowly. And now they fill out the tree quite nicely.

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  2. OMG girlfriend you have no idea how much I needed this. Life really cut me down yesterday. Oh man yesterday was the worst day in the history of my life. Thank you for this. I really needed this today. Thank you, thank you. I love you and hugs!!

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  3. Beautiful words, there’s some hope through all this if you choose to speak out and talk about the things that pain you. It’s not easy, in fact it’s really bloody difficult, but we can get there. We can try and make some sense and find some light in all of this confusion chaos. Your posts are an inspiring read. Thank you

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  4. Hey Bethany. I’m catching up after taking some time off. Been having some highs and lows over here lately, and your post here is perfect. Hope you are hanging in there💕

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    • Everything SUCKS!!!! I have not read blogs in a few weeks. One or so here and there. I just have no space in my brain. I start to read and just close my ipad. I’m so freaking overstimulated and over aggitated and over activated that I am a mess. With my health deteriorating and my daughter’s in the fucking tank I am stressed to the max. Vulnerability is a huge trigger, helplessness. Weakness. All things I am feeling. So yep. A mess. Just a mess. I try to find good. I try to be mindful. I try to keep moving forward. And then some days i just fall on my ass and throw my hands up. So yep. That’s pretty much how things are. Not to unload on you or anything!!!!!! Geez I have no idea why i typed all that. Maybe because rarely does anyone ask how I am and you did. Ok thanks!

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      • I’m sorry to hear things are such a mess. You’ve been so strong for so long, no one can hold it against you for throwing your hands up in the air every once in awhile. I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better. And feel free to vent on me any time💕

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