Dark poetry

Take a side.

You have to pick a side.

The victim,

Or the criminal.

It is either 


You have to take a side.

There is no middle. 

There is no gray.

It is so simple,

If you choose me,

You choose innocence.

You choose worthy.

You choose integrity.

You choose what is right,

What is good,

What is light.

If you don’t choose me,

In every scenario,

Every other scenario,

You are choosing them.

And they,

Are evil.


Are criminals.

They are the dark side 

Of the world. 

Anything but me,

You are choosing everything that is wrong.

You are choosing everyone that is rotten

To their core.

Will you rot with them?

They won’t notice.

No one will notice

Because the rotten cannot see.

They have already chosen not to.

Will you choose darkness

Just to not choose me?

Because that is the choice. 


Or light


Or the Devil

I stand with God. 

I was a victim

Now I’m a survivor. 

Pick a side

And know

If you pick 


But me

You are






10 thoughts on “Dark poetry

  1. Beautiful. I loved this. This is a dark piece because the people who should have loved you and been there for you betrayed in the worst possible way. I know what that feels like. I think that’s why I love this piece so much and it really resonates with me. Anyone who sides with my mother might as well have abused me and betrayed me. They are not bad people, but they support the abuser and that’s fucked up. It’s bullshit. I sided with the victim who is now a survivor, but also a warrior. You’re family is wrong. They made the wrong choice and I know that Karma, God or whoever or whatever you believe in will get them. They are going to pay dearly for what they did to you. I love this piece so much. Thanks for sharing. I’m so proud of you. I love you. Sending you a huge ass hug!!

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    • I never really thought about it until last night when I wrote it. That if you do not support me then you are supporting everyone that hurt me. It is a conscious choice. And those people hurt me equally as the abusers themselves.
      Right, those who chose your mother have no real insight, love, compassion for you. They should listen and support you. Why pick the bad guy? I won’t ever understand it. I won’t ever understand why people just live with blinders on and think that is the easier choice.

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      • Oh yeah I totally agree with you. I truly do. I never thought of it that way till you wrote that piece and I read it. It’s true. Exactly why pick the bad guy? Maybe it’s just easier to follow the crowd instead of having your own opinion. I won’t ever understand it either.

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