Wheelchair walks in search of flowers. 

Today’s flower discoveries were just so beautiful. I was riding by someone’s house and say OOOHHHH I need a picture of that. I took my time and looked at the flower and every aspect of it. How the sun shined on it and if it has raindrops still resting on it. Today I decided to have a few friends help me with describing, if you needed to describe this flower and color with a feeling, what would it be? This is what we came up with. 

Side note: every picture and video on my entire blog was taken by me. 

This bright orange/yellow flower is : content, a deep breath, a soaring bird. 

This white flower is with streamers coming out of it is : celebration, whimsical

This yellow/orange flower reaching towards the sky: hope, fairies, perseverance, determination

This white flower with a yellow center: safety, a hug, relaxation, bliss

This pink double petal flower with a yellow starred center: vibrant, joy, strength, powerful, hope, wild abandonment

This yellow flower with a tall dark center: the warmth of the sun on your face

This pale pink flower: innocence

This pale pink flower packed full of petals so dense: inner child, rebirth, new starts, a gentle kiss on the cheek from a loved one

These pink flowers mixed wtih yellow flowers, pale pink and dark pink: children playing in a sprinkler laughing

These two pink flowers: pure unconditional love

I admired this flower for as long as my legs would allow me to stand. There was one raindrop hanging off the huge clumps of white flowers. They were all weighted down by the rain yet still reaching towards the sky. I can only say that this makes me feel like the air smells after it rains: fresh and renewed. 

My last flower I found growing out of a stone. I am always overwhelmed with emotion when I find a flower growing out of a rock or a stone. The stones are all covered in green moss. And there coming right from a crack in the stone is a bright orange flower that can only make me feel: hope. 

16 thoughts on “Wheelchair walks in search of flowers. 

  1. Beautiful. I love this. I love your pictures. Too bad you couldn’t get a job as a photographer. You take such awesome and beautiful pictures. I actually feel like I’ve been with you on your wheelchair walk even though I wasn’t. Thanks for sharing and letting me go along with you. I love you! Hugs!


    • There really is! I just found these in random neighbor’s yards and asked if I could photograph them. I found great joy in looking at each one. A few of them were in my own yard. The one with the raindrop so I looked at that one for longer and really enjoyed it’s beauty. So much beauty around us so true.

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    • I haven’t either! I found some more today that I had never seen before. It’s as if, since I set my intention to find beauty and something different, all of these things are presenting themselves. How am I 45 and never seen that one flower that you mentioned. No clue what it even is

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