A watched flower does not bring butterflies.

You know the old saying, ” A watched pot never boils ?” The same saying applies to this flower. 

I glance out my living room window everytime I pass it. I always watch for the birds who use the bird bath. Today all of the focus was on this one flower. I planted it years ago and this year it decided it was going to come back spontaneously. This morning, on that flower, there was a hummingbird and plethora of butterflies. So at 3pm I decided I would go sit next to it and wait to get a picture of a butterfly. And here is the final picture:

A dark pink flower with absolutely nothing on it but the sunshine. Not one butterfly came as I was sitting there waiting. I waited an hour and finally got too hot. Most Floridians don’t lounge in the sun at 3pm unless they are sunbathing next to some water source. OR hoping a butterfly will pass by a flower!

So the personal lesson for me could be many. I chose, “Sometimes the sunshine has to be enough.” And so it is. 

24 thoughts on “A watched flower does not bring butterflies.

  1. They are so pretty! I love the color. I miss the flowers at the house we used to live in. The people who lived there before us planted really beautiful flowers that I loved. My favorite was the lilac tree in the Spring when it was in bloom for those few weeks, right in front of our porch.

    I laughed when I scrolled to the pic…right after you wrote: “And here is the final picture.”

    It gets disgusting hot here in PA during the summer. I’m on the email list of a state rep and got one on Tuesday saying that the air quality index was a code orange. That means it’s dangerous for ‘sensitive’ groups of people.

    One of my mother’s aunts had emphysema many years ago and I remember how she wouldn’t be able to go out in weather like that.

    It has cooled a bit since it rained today. But when it’s rare for a cold front to come in during the summer. Rain in July usually just means more humidity…more of a soupy feeling out there. Yuck!


    • I have always wanted to see a lilac. Do they have a smell? I imagine they smell like wisteria but that’s only because they are purple and I love the smell of wisteria.
      Lol my final picture was nothing but a flower and me sitting next to it sweating!!!!!!
      It is so humid in florida. Today it was 90% humidity but no rain. Well you’d think with humidity that high it would have to rain! But no. Just makes you sticky and sweaty and with the heat index 105 degrees. Thankfully the air is clean here. I have no idea what I would do with some sort of freaking orange code on air quality. I would flip because I am very sensitive and react to everything.

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      • I was wondering how you could take those wheel chair walks in that heat. The air being clean I imagine makes a big difference.

        I used to date a guy a long time ago who used to call Philadelphia, Filthadelphia. Lol, still makes me laugh.

        Lilacs have the best scent. I used to go out and cut off blooms and put them in a cup on our mantle. I don’t know what wisteria smells like, now I will have to go find out.

        I’ll have to check to see if I have a picture of the lilac…they are usually referred to as bushes but the plant we had was definitely a tree.

        I just looked to see the temp because we’ve got the ac going in here and the temp has dropped to 72…WooHoo!

        Ok going to look for a lilac pic from my old yard.


      • I would love to see one! Wisteria is a vine that grows down our fence. It smells like honeysuckle that we have on our other fence but the wisteria blooms are short lived. Oh it is hot as blazes when I go out but usually it is after it rains around sunset so 8pm I will go out or I will melt in the heat. But the air is clean and smells clean. Would hate bad air. We even made sure when we bought this place it was away from major roadways just for air quality

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      • Lilac blooms are short lived too. I wonder if they’re related.

        I have so many flower pictures. I don’t have the full tree in a pic, not one that does it justice, but I have a bloom that is pretty nice so I’ll post that.

        I think you may have me inspired to post more nature kind of stuff. I have so many pics just sitting on my hard drive of all kinds of things…cats, dogs and nature.

        I remember you posting before about how that sunset time or just before is your favorite time of day. I think it’s mine too. I would love the really early morning hours too if I could get up. Working on that.


      • Oh and please please write updates on ozzy.
        When Jess got cancer we had A LOT to weigh out. How MUCH blood work X-rays and all that were we wiling to do for a dog that was going to die. And what meds would he need to keep him comfortable. And if he was going to die then he didnt need his damn teeth cleaned. So what could we help IF we had answer and IF we had answers and there was nothing we could do DID we need to spend the money. We still have one tumor removal on our credit card. Hard hard decisions but once we sat down and thought it out. We made the choices. And we didn’t ask anyone’s opinion bc no one loved him like we did and no one we knew were in the same financial situation as wer are in with both my daughter and me being so sick. So we did basics. And saved our money for meds needed for his pain. Whatever choice you make i know will be the right one. Please update on him though because my heart totallly feels for you on that becasue I went through it. Hope it was ok to write this. I just kept thinking about him today. People sometimes just need to listen and not say anything but i wanted you to know i knew bc i went through it with jess. And it sucks sooo bad. Like why can’t we be millionaires so we can just do whatever we need for ourselves and our animals with no weighing this or that. I wouldnt spend it frivolously. I would make sure we got everything done we needed to have a better quality of life.
        LIKE i need a wheelchair accessible car. Where is that money coming from. Poof. Nowhere! So you and i need to be millionaires . Our lives would be easier. We freaking deserve it.

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      • Aw yes. It is totally ok to write what you wrote. Thank you so much for this. Yeah, writing about pets online can be touchy and even dangerous sometimes. I know a pet nutrition blogger who had some trouble with someone who read something she wrote and didn’t agree with. It got a little scary there for her for a little while. I don’t know all the details but it didn’t last thankfully.

        So yeah, ok. I will update when I have updates. He has an appt on the 24th and this time B is going too.

        Funny you wrote this comment though tonight because he was in here not too long ago. He was yowling (that’s yelling and meowing combined lol) and so I let him in and then closed the door.

        He kept meowing though once he was in here and then hopped up on my bed and still kept meowing. I’m not sure what that’s about. I think he may want to go outside. Could be he wants attention but I pet him he still meows. I really think he wants to go out. I don’t think he’s ever really adjusted to not being able to go outside anymore. And I hate that the most of anything else here.

        He’s also deaf in the left ear where he had that ear infection and so he meows a lot louder now than he used to. He sounds like a Siamese sometimes when he meows now. It’s crazy loud.

        B peeked in to see what Ozzy was meowing about and then came over to pet him. Oz got all exited and let out a big loud meow and then left when B did.

        Right now I’m concerned about vomiting after eating. He had that issue before too and the vet gave us a medication used for IBS in cats and it worked pretty well. So that’s kind of priority right now. He needs to put on weight and he’s not gonna do that vomiting.

        Yeah, the teeth cleaning. I don’t think that’s gonna happen unless one of us wins the lottery and I don’t play so…

        And I can’t even imagine what an X-ray or an MRI must cost. We are just about pay check to pay check on one income so it doesn’t look too promising for much of anything.

        There are connections though between the heart and the teeth so it would be nice to find out if his heart gets better with a teeth cleaning. Ugh, you’re so right, we need to be millionaires.


      • I got my ass chewed in some group because it was a homemade dog food group and I was asking questions. Jess couldn’t eat dog food so I made him food. He had diarrhea due to the cancer so i had to give him what didn’t cause diarrhea and i got my ass reamed for cooking rice. Bc rice is not good for cancer and what was I thinking and I needed to do this and that and get the tumor removed, bla bla. Yeah. Opinions of people not living our life. Not living our checkbook. And i thought. Ok. I have a muscle disease, my daughter just had her gallbladder out and I’m cooking my fucking dog home made food and you are reaming my ass..really???!!! Doing the best I can here!!!
        So I get it!
        I love the siamese meow. We had one. Very loud.
        But I hate the wondering of what do they want. Do they need something. Are they trying to say something. Are they ok?
        Vomitting after eating sucks too. Like the diarrhea he had. I wish I remember the med they gave us for that. We had something that worked bc he was vomitting too. I gave him pedialyte wth chicken broth so he didn’t get dehydrated. He loved that. I swear it saved his life. Got my ass reamed for that too. Bc of the sugar in it feeding the cancer. Whatever people. I kept him doing good 8 months past his death sentence the vet gave him so i did somethign right!
        And an MRI on an animal. Really?!!! I paid for an X-ray because we wanted to see if the tumor was obstructing his bowel. It was only $40 so we could do that. But that was it. See and what was interesting is his heart was involved and so they said they wouldn’t put him under with anesthesia for the teeth cleaning bc that could affect his heart and he may not recover from anesthesia. BUT if having cleaner teeth helps the heart. But shit it was a small fortune to clean his teeth! I was like.mmmmm. No .
        Sucks that you think he wants to go out but can’t.
        But what can you do! Just pet and love. And wish we were millionaires!!!!

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      • To the people who ream people out when asking questions and judging for “doing it wrong”…You are assholes! Sorry I had to get that out. Follow your gut too you know. Also, if he loved it, isn’t about making them as happy as you can too? People think they know the whole story from a comment or question.

        The woman I kind of know who I was talking about in my last comment runs a raw feeding group and blogs about it too. It’s how she feeds her dogs but it’s a ton of work and quite a bit of money. She has four dogs. And she’s gone to groups and gotten reamed as well as blocked nasty people from her group. But I can see sometimes in her comments on her personal FB page that she MIGHT be a little judgmental herself. I would not tell her what we feed Ozzy.

        In fact I was just thinking yesterday about FB and how I haven’t logged in for a couple weeks now. And have no desire to do so. I’d rather come here and converse with the few people I have gotten to know blogging.

        What you went through with Jess…:( I’m so sorry. That’s so much to go through. And then yeah, to have to pick and choose what to do.

        Good to know the x-ray wasn’t too much. I’ll ask about that when we go next Monday. They put together a couple print outs of what they recommend and the prices so I will be sure to get that out, look it over and take it with.

        Like you said, teeth cleaning is way out of our wallet’s capabilities at this time. Over a thousand bucks? Man! I will also address the anesthesia on the heart issue too to see what they say. Seems like a catch 22 but then if the money’s not there to do it…

        I think the vet mentioned MRI for if the x-ray didn’t tell enough. I’m not sure I will need to go back to that as well and ask her about it. I’m sure that’s way out of money range as well. so…

        Another thing Oz has been doing is sleeping under the bed…like spending most of the day there when before he’d hang out on a chair or window sill or the top of the shelving we have by the dining room window…or on the floor in a sun spot. He’s not a creature of habit when it comes to his ‘spots.’ But under the bed is completely new and seems more like a place to go to die for a cat. It makes me sad but he won’t come out if we coax him either. We’ve even fed him under there to get him to eat.

        He needs sun. And we’ve thought about introducing him to the outside but he’s so much older, the place is unfamiliar and he is deaf in one ear. That’s not a good combo at all for a cat being outside. If we were still at the house he would still be indoor outdoor though. And another issue I’m worried about now is fleas.

        He brought them with us I’m pretty sure when we moved here from being outside and that was a frickin’ nightmare.


      • That is what THIS group was. It was a facebook group who I thought could help and some of them did. I needed ideas of what I could make him since he wouldn’t eat. I did not expect the assholes and judges to come out for my dog for heaven’s sake. It was very upsetting.
        Jess started going under the deck. He never did that ever in his life and he wanted to stay under there. I felt the same way you do about oz going under the bed. It was like he just didn’t feel well and needed to be alone. I wondered if he wanted to die then but it was an indication to me that he just wasn’t feeling well at all.
        I agree. I would much rather talk on here than on facebook. You never know what you will get in those groups!
        I remember the flea nightmare you went through. Doesn’t seem being outside is an option right now then for so many reasons. I’d be worried too if he isn’t feeling well he would just disappear.
        Either way I know they are hard choices. Hopefully his mood and symptoms will guide you to what you feel is the most important to do.

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  2. a watched flower does not bring butterflies, I love this! plus the being content with the sunshine on the flower, really really like this post ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m in FL too… I love going to my neighbor’s she has so many flowers over there and animals in her yard because she feeds them -birds, turtle, frogs… like a botanical garden and animal sanctuary, ha ha.. I tell her I should pay her a fee… ๐Ÿ™‚


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