SoCS In the Heart of the World.


For stream of consciousness Saturday the prompt is to look at the book title of the book next to you and write on that. Ok so I am hoping I get a pass by turning the S of SoCS into Sunday instead because yesterday I was having seizures and my brain was mush. I’m pretending today is Saturday because I just plain feel like it!I need a doover!  The book next to me is: In the Heart of the World by Mother Teresa. I will be writing on that topic: In the Heart of the World.

To love a child. The importance of your child feeling that they matter and are loved is crucial. All children need to feel they are loved whole heartedly and unconditionally, for THEY are the heart of the world. My daughter was not raised on conditional love. I wasn’t JUST proud of her if she got a good grade, won a game, had an outward success. Infact, those things were not ever important to me. We did not focus on her grades, we focused on what she was learning. We did not focus on her winning, we focused on how she felt when she played the game. I’m not going to say I was NOT proud of her when she got a blue ribbbon in horse back riding. But my pride came from looking at her eyes and seeing that she was proud of herself. She knew she worked hard and did an amazing job. I was most proud of her when she picked the child in her class that no one would talk to and invited her to eat lunch. I was most proud of her when she hugged a dying woman in a nursing home that she didn’t even know because the woman wanted to hug a child one last time. I was most proud of her when she had me pull over because a little bird was on the ground. She held that little bird in her hands for what seemed like forever, opened her hands, and the bird flew away. I am most proud of her heart.  I AM most proud of her heart. 

I know there are many children who have never been shown or modeled love, yet I have seen those children have the capacity love another anyway.  A child that was in my daughter’s class used to run to me every day when I dropped my daughter off at school. I knew that child’s story. I knew she did not get love. She gave it though. She ran up to me and wrapped her arms around me and was overflowing with love. I gave her overflowing love right back. She didn’t have to be loved to still be able to give it. I still think of her. I still wish she had grown up with her own mother’s love. Just imagine how she would have felt every day being loved like I loved her for 2 minutes at school. She deserved better. She deserved to be loved every single day. 

It doesn’t matter where the child gets it. They just need to have it. It can be an aunt, a grandma, a sibling, a friend. Every child needs to know what love feels like. Those children grow up. They become our Mayors, our Senators, or Doctors, our neighbors. I grew up. I am not a child anymore. But some days I still have the heart of a child. There is a heart of a child in all of us. It may take until 45 years old, 65, years old, 70 years old, to finally have that child’s heart feel love. It is never too late for your heart to be loved. 

I watched a movie with my daughter and husband tonight about love. That was the theme. How much the parent’s loved their children. How proud they were of their children for being themselves. The depth of that pride was rooted in love. I was not loved unconditionally. I was loved with limits, rules, and everything else that goes against true love. I am a child that grew up and knows what it feels like to have an entire family,  not only have no pride for me, they have no real love for me. Real love, true love, sees the depth of your heart and loves you all the more for it. They don’t see me. They don’t see my heart. My husband is proud of everything I do. He is proud of my persistence and perseverance, my growth, my ability to move forward, and my efforts to heal. He loves enough to fill the void that the 10 year old, 16 year old, and 18 year old, and 40 year old didn’t get. When my family left they hurt every part of my child and adult heart. BUT,  my husband healed my heart in all ways, because he loves so unconditionally. He loves me like I love my daughter, so much my heart could burst. This family, the three of us, know love. In love there is healing. In love their is renewal. In love there is hope. 

In the heart of the world lies millions of children waiting to be loved. They may be stricken with poverty. Their circumstance may be abuse, divorced parents, homelessness. They will grow up and remember those things. If they are loved, they will overcome. They will remember that love and it will get them through the hardest of times. It is never to late to love your child, a child, any child. Even if that child has grown up. They still matter. 

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