Finding the little things

On todays walk I decided to look for the little things that maybe no one else would notice. I wanted to see what I could find if I didn’t pass up a blade of grass without inspecting it. As soon as I set my intention I almost stepped on the tiniest yellow flower tucked away under the grass all by itself.  But before I even left for my walk I peeked through the blinds to see a female cardinal in the birdbath. Two good starts. 

My next discovery was not of sight but of smell. I smelled my magnolias tree blossoms before I even looked up from the tiny yellow flower. 

My daily walk in the grass was complete. It was all my legs could do. I got in my wheelchair and right away saw this purple flower which looked like it was just laying on the ground. But it was a wisteria vine which does not bloom this time of year. It blooms in the fall. I have no idea why it would be blooming now but I as soon as I got next to it I smelled the magnificent smell that only a wisteria has and was so glad I could see it and smell it. 

Then I spotted a feather. Had I not stopped to see the purple flower I would not have seen the feather. I love finding feathers on the ground. This one is black. Maybe a crow or a vulture feather.

After going through the gate that leads to the road behind ours I saw a flower on the ground. An orange tubular flower that looks like one I have seen in the past that was yellow. It was just laying there in the road. 

Then there was another one on the side of the road. And I followed the flowers until I could see they were wrapped high into the live oak trees on this empty lot full of woods. They were so beautiful. I tried to take a picture of the ones up in the tree. You’ll have to strain to see but maybe you can. They were just dangling from long vines everywhere. Right in the middle of the two trees you’ll see a spot of orange

Then I found the tiniest of tiny flowers that the camera barely focused on it was so small. It was like white lace with a purple center only as big as a pen tip. So little I wondered how many people had noticed it. 

The great surprise was a random chicken. Just out of the blue, boom orange chicken. He wasn’t very close so he isn’t very clear but he was a chicken. 

The sky got dark quickly. 

I discovered this very cool spider in his web. I shall name him zebra because he was black and whit striped and very awesome. 

Through the gate to get home there were precious white wildflowers with yellow centers. Little but beautiful. 

In my own yard was this thing growing on the tree. I thought it was bark that had broken off but when I got closer it was a mushroom sticking out the side just like the tree had it’s own shelf. And on the ground under it was another white mushroom. It was a mushroom area apparetnly. 

Last but not least, a butterfly landed on the flower that I had waited an hour the day before to see but never arrived. She was just waiting to get her picture taken. A sweet yellow butterfly on the pink flower next to my door. 

Just incase you missed these from a few days ago I will attach a few more flowers. There can never be too many flowers.

It is the little things that make me truly happy. 

31 thoughts on “Finding the little things

  1. Beautiful. I love this. I’m so proud of you. I did this today without really meaning to. You have to find the little things. I think it’s a wonderful practice. I love you and I’m sending you a huge ass hug!!


  2. Bethany,
    Your heart is as beautiful as a child’s that is why you were led to look down and notice little things that only children might notice.
    I saw the splash of orange between the two oak trees. There seems to be a lot of little flowers and things put in your path today.
    I think you are precious to the Lord and he is showing you this by satisfying your heart’s need.
    How is your daughter this morning ?
    Big hugs to you.


    • Thank you! Every day I search for something new. My daughter and I used to go for walks when she was young and yes we would stop a million times at every new thing she would find and I love it. Children live in that moment and I may not be able to do it all the time but I am trying to increase the moments as often as I can!

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  3. I loved your adventure. My son is still young enough that I can take him on nature walks and look for things. Last week we visited a pond and brook to see how many different dragonflies we could find. And by the way, that spider was fabulous! I think I’ve seen them before in North Carolina. I will have to check for them when I go down there this summer. Looking forward to your next adventure.


  4. The little yellow flower is peeking out for its picture. The magnolia is so pretty. Good flower for a wedding. It’s true, wisteria looks quite a bit like lilac. Orange flower bud on the macadam. How’d that get there? It’s been beheaded.

    When I first came across this post, I scrolled quickly to look at the pics and when I saw the tangle of trees it looked like some kind of wall. It was weird the way my eye picked it up. Then I got closer and saw what it was.

    Also the chicken, I saw it before I read and went, “What is that? It looks like a chicken.” And sure enough…lol.

    The first pic of the sky looks ominous. I love that second pic of the sky, peeking through the trees like that. What is that hanging down? It looks like a string bean. Lol.

    I love the wildflowers that look like daisies. I see them around here too sometimes, like the orange ones, we have them here. Used to see them by our walk way on the next door neighbor’s property.

    The spider is amazing, the first mushroom looks like an overflowing beer, maybe that’s what that shelf mushroom is for…haha. And the butterfly is like, “Sorry I’m a bit late but I’m here now…cheeeeese.”

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    • Doesn’t it!!!! It does remind me of the lilac and I thought it was really freaking ironic or coincidental that a flower that only blooms in march is blooming now just when i wanted to compare your lilac!!!!!!
      Orange flower bud fell out of the tree above it.they were everywhere.
      The chicken made my night. My husband read my blog and commented that I did not give him the credit for the chicken so to clear the air HE SAW THE CHICKEN. We were adding points. I got 30 for the feather and I was winning on everything I found until he found the chicken and then he won for originality. We are so fucking weird like that.
      Moss is hanging down. We have moss on all of the live oaks. I really liked that one picture just because of that one piece of moss. Pretty cool you saw it.
      I know the butterfly was like hey look at me!!!!!

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      • It was fun. We got caught in the rain on the way back and my wheelchair was flying and myhusband running and a very and I mean very old man was riding a 3 wheeled bike and he did not seem to mind at all. Then we get almost back. It’s clear and all is well. Like a 2 minute storm. Florida is so unpredictable. I am still smiling thinking about the old man and how he waved/saluted me as I zipped past him. I think he is 98 maybe now.

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      • Oh my gosh! This comment, everything abut it made me smile. Getting caught in the rain, the old man on the trike, his saluting you and the fact that he’s 98!

        I’ve visited Florida and I remember it would rain almost every day but then it would stop and that was it. I loved it.

        I’ve been to Orlando (of course, hasn’t everybody, lol) and I’ve been to Daytona Beach. A guy I dated lived there for a little while. I liked that we could drive on the beach. You can’t do that at the Jersey shore.


      • I loved that you could drive on the beach there too. You still can. We should go there so that we can drive right down there. We go to jacksonville beach which is 2 hours from us and my husband has to carry me down to the beach because I cant walk that far or in that thick sand.
        I worked in orlando at seaworld as a wateskiier. Did you ever go there?
        Jacksonville is more serene though I think because there are no cars so no music, just the empty expanse of the sand and water and sky.
        It does though, rain, dump and then the sun will shine 5 minutes later and all the raindrops will be dry in an hour. I’d love to see jersey shore

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      • Most of the beaches are about 2 hours from us as well. But I haven’t been in years.

        When my parents took us, we went to Cape May Point, that’s about a 3 hour drive, which is (or at least was) a pretty quiet little peninsula. And the water there was the bay.

        The last time I was down the shore at all was years ago with B and we went to his sister’s house in Long Beach (not California, lol) and that’s also about 3 hours away. Ocean City is maybe an hour, hour and a half tops. And then most the others in between are at that 2 hour mark.

        Then there’s Delaware and Maryland beaches where many people around here go. “Going down the shore” is the phrase for vacationers much of the time. Some like to go to the Poconos too. I’ve been up there as well, but only once (or it might be twice). It’s beautiful up there.

        After commenting I remembered about you working at Sea World. I actually never visited that one. Disney and Epcot but not Sea World.

        The first time down there I was with a friend and her toddler. The day they went to Sea World, I’d been out late the night before with a guy I met down there and couldn’t get up to go.

        I’m actually feeling sick thinking about that right now. So much missed because of shit like that.

        Makes me sad.


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