7 thoughts on “To address the ‘everything happens for a reason’ platitude ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

  1. I especially like this… Would hear this phrase from a well meaning person…never felt comforted by it…Love all Lilly wrote about it… thanks for posting 😉

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  2. It’s odd that I NOW find comfort in all my suffering. It’s weird and almost feels like I’m betraying myself if that makes sense….yet I can’t deny that I wouldn’t be the woman I am now without those experiences. Ugh! How messed up.

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  3. I said that once to my sister. I cringe now when I think about it, despite the later events involving her. I used to not know what to say to people in circumstances where they were hurting. It was awkward. I learned by listening to other people though.

    I know that’s what narcissists do but I’m sincere when I say things like “sorry for your loss”. I felt that way when I didn’t know how to put that into words. When I think about stuff like that it’s alarming how socially retarded I was (and still am) in some aspects.

    Anyway, I said that to my sister when she’d had her heart set on a particular house before they bought the one they currently live in. She was very upset that they didn’t get it and she was crying on the phone about it. I felt so bad for her but didn’t know what to say.
    And blech! I said THAT! Smh.


    • We kind of ALL are socially awkward at what the right thing is to say until we get wisdom and experience and know what we want someone to say to us I think. We’ve all said dumb ass things before that later we thought wow that was dumb. I always review later in my head in my bed and typically would say WhYYYYYYYY???? But I’m old as dirt now and getting a little better. I think the hospice chaplain work helped me a lot.

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