A moment of freedom.

This writing is part of SoCS word prompt limb. https://lindaghill.com/2017/07/28/the-friday-reminder-and-prompt-for-socs-july-2917/

My husband and I spontaneously went to the beach on Wednesday. He took some pictures of me on the beach. When I first looked at them I focused on one limb or another. This one is atrophied. This one is not anything like it used to be. Then I stopped. I looked at myself and remembered what I felt in that moment. I can feel what I felt in that moment RIGHT NOW.






I stood on the beach holding my husband’s hand feeling nothing but peace as he and I looked out over the waves. A storm was coming. Our feet were barely in the water. My husband asked how much longer I could stand. Forever I thought. I will stand here forever. I had no thoughts rumbling around in my head. I looked at the love of my life then I looked out over the ocean and thought, at this one moment, I am free.

Here are the pictures he took of me on the beach. I am no longer looking at limbs. I am looking into my eyes and celebrating that the body that has a muscle disease still had the strength to stand there! (My husband did have to carry me about 150 yards to get there….but still…I stood in my victorious moment). Β These moments are victories. I am me. I am who I was meant to be. I am one with all of me. I accept myself. I love all of myself.

Here are the pictures that I took. Can you have too many bird pictures in the sky? I say no! And I had to put my gorgeous husband Β on my blog for the first time.

56 thoughts on “A moment of freedom.

  1. Birds and Words! How wonderful, Bethany! Do you know this site: birds.cornell.edu ? I found it yesterday and thought immediately of you. I spent a little while looking around it today – everything you wanted to know about birds as well as glorious pictures! (I looked especially for owls, and told them about you!) TS


  2. Wow, Bethany, you look gorgeous. Your legs are beautiful. My legs are not the same sizes. My left leg is always swollen unless I walk on my head and hang upside down all the time. I’m so happy that you feel free. I’m just happy to see all of your photos!!!!!!!!


    • We have lefty issues. My left quad is atrophied. Yours is swollen. I just decided I didn’t care about the look of it. Now the pain of it is another story but this day I didn’t allow that to change or stop my happiness. Thank you for the compliments!!!!

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      • I’m glad to hear that you didn’t allow that to stop your happiness. That’s the key. Keep telling yourself that nothing, even the pain, will stop you from being happy. I didn’t feel well for awhile, I didn’t know what it was, but felt like depressed, or no energy. I just ignored it, and made sure I did everything I was supposed to do, went to bed early, slept in and I felt better today.


  3. OMG!! I love this. I love the pictures, the post, everything. You know I was at work the other day and I saw this bag with owls on it and I said to myself Bethany!! I’m so glad you shared this with us. I love the pictures of you and especially the one of your husband. You look so happy and peaceful. I just love you and I’m so proud of you!!


    • I was so happy! Yay I am so glad you saw the owls and thought of me. That is so so sweet!!!!!
      We saw the male owl sibling yesterday but I have not seen my girl in a week! I miss her terribly. Tonight my daughter and I sat outside from 8-10pm hoping she would come. I knew there would be a time she moved on. I was just hoping that would be…NEVER!!!! But 3 owls in one small area probably would not work anyway especially with he amount of hawks we have here too.
      Thank you for loving the pictures.
      I loved the one I took of my husband. You can just see his silhouette and I loved that with the water.

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      • I’m glad. Awww. I’m sure you do. She’ll come back just at the right just when you need her. Yeah probably not, but never say never. You’re welcome. Yeah I really loved that one too. It was nice to finally meet him even though it’s just a picture. πŸ™‚


    • Ok WELL my hair I cut super short. Like what you would feel on a boy and I love it so much!!! My arms are tiny like a young girls because they don’t have much muscle. My legs.. it’s kind of hard to describe myself LOL!!!!
      Where I lay down in the sand in the shallow part of the water the water barely came up over my legs but i must have layed down in crushed up shells. I ve never seen that at the beach. Usually it is sand, white sand but this was all crushed up shells so I kind of had them stuck all over my legs.
      My husband is a hunk of a hunk. He is extremely muscular and so he can carry me anywhere like through the hot sand. Which he actually got blisters on his feet later and i felt awful about it! He didn’t realize the sand was so hot. The birds were seagulls and a few black birds milling about on the beach and then there were TONS flying in the air because a man was throwing up food for them. I have never seen that many seagulls. Maybe 30 of them all in a bunch. I loved watching them. I had on a two piece bathing suit that was my daughters because I accidently dropped mine so I had hers in our beach bag. The sky was blue at first but then a big storm came and it turned black. There were even life guards saying to clear the beach so most people left and it was just my husband and me standing looking out over the water. But i actually closed my eyes. I just breathed in and smelled the air and felt the wind and the sand on my feet. When the water came over my feet then went back out it left my feet in a little hole and the hole kept getting deeper as the water went in and out. I paid attention to it to describe it to you later. I mean to last night when I wrote the blog but I for who knows what reason didn’t. But I am now! Because it is downright rude of me to not describe things for my very good friend who is blind and cannot see the pictures !!!!! So I”m sorry!
      We did have such a nice time just him and me there.


  4. What beautiful pictures! ❀ There really is nothing quite like being in the moment when the moment is perfect. Good for you, Bethany. πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for sharing your moment with us. πŸ˜€

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      • Hello, my blog- you might not be interested about it i write only when im emotionally unstable … try click my name again i fixed the link


      • We have to write out our thoughts nomatter how emotion stable or unstable. I am all over the place on my blog and I write about it all and put it all out there. I am interested in reading your blog. I just read what you have posted. Keep writing!


    • I just went to your blog and I am a bit confused as to why a person seeking porn and porn pictures would follow my blog which is adamantly against these types of things and focuses on overcoming sexual abuse.
      It seems a bit of an oxymoron right?


  5. Love all your pictures. I couldnt see your hubby very well, but yes, I can see he is in good shape. You look truly beautiful. Your seagulls are very much different than ours. Yours have quite interesting coloring.


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