Mindful photos

I plan my mindful walks every day. They are part of my self prescribed therapy. They are critical for my happiness. They are imperative to my journey towards healing. I HAVE to experience good and I HAVE to make that a choice. 

I have incorporated a few more senses than before. I used to just look. Now I listen. I close my eyes and I listen to the sound the leaves make. I listen to the sound the rain drops make. I feel with my hands the bark of the trees. I felt this green moss today. For a long time I sat and ran my hand over this green moss on the side of the road. I closed my eyes and felt it. It felt like a soft bristle hair brush. Dense and yet soft. Then I smelled it thinking it would stink but it had no smell at all. 

I saw my owl. It is the first time I have seen her in 2 weeks now. She swooped down right in front of us and picked up a snake and took it to a branch. I closed my eyes and just listened to her up there. I then just watched her and talked to her. She was wet from the rain. Infact it started sprinkling as we were there and the raindrops fell onto my face as I watched her. I felt the raindrop like it was the first time I’d ever felt a raindrop on my face. I had missed her so much. She made one small noise at me like she used to. She knew me. She remembered. I know she is a wild bird now and not “my owl” but she still remembers and we will always have a connection. 

I saw a pink flower and it felt like velvet. 

I saw a pink and yellow flower that I can only say looks like it does NOT come from this planet. It was AMAZING. It glowed. It looked like a light was under it illuminating it. I’ve never seen anything like it. 

I went down a new road and saw a fruit tree right next to the road. I have no idea what this fruit was but I took a picture of it anyway. It seemed so, random, some fruit right there next to the road. 

Then I was rummaging around in this person’s front yard looking at her flowers and she popped out and asked if she could help me. I laughed. I told her I was just trying to get a picture of a butterfly on one of her flowers.  She was SOOO kind to my trespassing!!! She invited me in to see her pond and all of her other flowers. I told her I was in heaven looking at her flowers and she said I could take as many pictures of them as I wanted to and she would give me anything that I wanted. How nice is that!!!!!!

This is the second time I have been busted taking photographs of beautiful flowers that caught my eye in someone’s front yard and been invited to look at the rest of their flowers in their back yard. I know it isn’t really trespassing to take a picture of a flower by the road but it is a bit startling when the owner of the house comes out and wants to know what your’re doing!!! It has been so refreshing I have to tell you, to be welcomed by these neighbors and given further opportunity to learn more about the things they have planted. AND to be given permission to photograph other things not just by the side of the road. 

So this picture of the bird bath with the yellow and blue flowers was next to this neighbor’s pond. This pink flower was there too. She had an appointment to go to and just told me to stay as long as I liked looking at her flowers. I LOVE kindness. Just random acts of kindness!!! So I looked at each flower and listened to the sound of her pond and the water trickling in it. It was beautiful there. 

I’ve included the photographs from her yard. 

Here seems like a good place to say that I am obviously NOT a photographer. Every photograph that you see on my blog that is of owls, foxes, nature, moss, trees, flowers, are all part of my mindfulness walks. I know they are not perfect. But that is not the goal. The goal is to take a picture of the moment I am completely immersed in. That way I can come home and if I am having a bad moment, I can refer back to the mindful moment wtih the flower, or the owl. All part of the therapy I have created for myself. So thank you for not judging the imperfections of my photography and simply coming along for the walk with me. I truly love sharing them all. 

The last picture I posted is of a yucca. The Native American Indians used to use the root as soap. I was very excited when I moved into this house and saw them. They remind me of the land that was here long before we (well not me) cut down the trees and commercialized everything. My mom ripped them out because they were ugly and not part of a garden. I was so upset. That was years ago. This year, they all came back. The roots decided that whatever was left would make a come back. I can look at that plant and be reminded that we can be ripped out and thrown away but STILL make a come back. 

20 thoughts on “Mindful photos

    • Most of the neighbors I asked them but a few I didn’t know and they were just right there and I was in my wheelchair so I figured why not. But this one yard I stood up and walked to get a closer picture of the passion flower and I got busted!!!
      Thank you!

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  1. I love what you’re doing, Bethany, having you therapeutic walk every day. You add senses to your walk so you fully emerge yourself in nature, your environment. You found so many beauty on your walk. It’s lovely. Thank you for sharing!


  2. I’m not a photographer, but I think your photos are wonderful. Through you, with you, I see the color, the shape, the texture, the light, the joy. And “Hi” to your owl!!!! Did I tell you, Bethany, that my T gave me a present for my birthday in July? Guess what it is!! [I have told my T, Betsy, how I feel close to you, but I never mentioned the owl family.] Yes – Betsy gave me a small owl, a child’s soft luvvy. I immediately called him Frank, because we can talk frankly to each other, even when Betsy is not around. She left for vacation today. We may talk on the phone, but I won’t be with her for 3 weeks. But Frank is right here, on the pillow with me. When I cry, he asks me: “Who?” I can tell him. Bethany, if you have a therapist and can talk about your dreams (fear, anger) I think that would be swell. Love from Brooklyn. TS

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    • What??!!!!!!! Oh my goshhhhh!!!!! I am soooo excited to hear she gave you an owl. That is so so touching!!!!! Happy birthday too!!!!!
      I am so truly blessed that you are in my life. I truly appreciate you and your support and encouragement and just the connection. I love it.
      I love the name frank!
      Did I tell you that a neighbor just randomly put a stuffed owl on my front doorstep as a gift??? I have not named her yet. It was a few weeks ago.
      Betsy is REALLY connected to you to give you that. Wow. Like really wow!
      I saw a cardinal today and thought of you :). Forever I will think of you when I see a cardinal.
      I’m so glad you have Frank to listen. It is just amazing isn’t it. I will rub my owls ear and stroke her hair and it is comforting it truly is.
      My next therapy apt I am going to discuss my dreams with my therapist. I see her every tuesday. For the last 8 months or so we have been just working through it all. I love her. She is the only therapist I have been completely honest with about everything. I allow myself complete vulnerability with her and I trust her. She has helped me immensely.
      Iam sure she will have some thoughts on my nightmares. They started shortly after seeing her and have gotten worse. I thought it was because we were stirring the pot and just uprooting some old sludge at the bottom of the pot so to say. I will see what she has to say about it though.
      Love to you from Florida!


      • Oh, I am so glad you have a great T. I have been with Betsy for nearly 7 years: she is a trauma and dissociation wiz. My most recent thing is to all of a sudden get ice cold, spreading through my body. This is in the middle of a NYC heatwave and I don’t even have a fan on. Betsy thinks it is fear – as I start to feel safe with her, my body gets terrified, because feeling safe is Dangerous.
        Frank keeps saying “Who?” I tell him I am talking with Bethany. So he said “Who?” again because he also wants to know how Riley is. His eyes are very big, curious and tender. TS


      • You are such a kind soul.
        These things do come up in therapy. I am so glad we have someone to work through them with us. Some things that happen in my body I do not understand. She is putting them into words that help me to understand why my body is doing what it is doing. I never would know had it not been for her. Since our last session my tremors have increased. I will be interested in what she thinks of that. We still have a lot of work to do. I also get cold. And I get chills. Safety and boundaries are my biggest challenges. She told me tuesday. If you are questioning anything…think boundaries. Do you have them. Are they up. Put them up and then see how you feel. So I am working on that. She has helped me to be aware.
        My sweet little owl has the biggest eyes too!
        Riley is the same. No better no worse. But lying by my side. I am always first and foremost her mother.
        You may not want to read what i just posted. It could be triggering.


    • I’m so happy to hear that it inspired you!
      I’ve been doing it for about 3 months or so now. Every day for an hour. I have grown to absolutely love it and look forward to it. A garden would be beautiful. We had a tiny townhouse before this house and I had one strip of dirt and I planted flowers in them and put flowers on my window sill. It brought me just a little bit of joy.

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  3. I love the pictures. I love that you are doing this. I think I should do this. I love it. I love you and I’m so proud of you. Thanks for the pictures. They are beautiful. I feel like I went along with you. It’s awesome!!

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  4. You are a photographer. You certainly have the passion too.
    See if your camera has a micro or close up option for objects less than 4 feet away. Then take lots of shots of the same thing. On your computer one will pop out exquisitely and will probably show things the naked eye couldn’t see. That option, if you have it and I’d assume most cameras so, will open up an entire new world…


    • I’m using my ipad! I don’t have a camera. If I did I can only imagine what kind of pictures I would get!! My daughter has an old one that I thought about trying out. Hers does have a zoom and other things on it. I may need to try my hand at an actual camera and see what I can find!

      Your pictures just amaze me. The clarity. All of the details. They are beautiful and I look forward to when you post them.

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