A walk with orange

OH MY ORANGE!!!  I went on an orange adventure that lasted a week. 5 days to find all things orange. On all of my mindful walks in search of red, blue, etc, I have never seen so much in nature that is orange. I mean holy cow the orange was EVERYWEHRE!!


I drove to the prairie and looked for orange. I was was in awe at the breathtaking display of orange butterflies. I stood there and they were all around me. Hundreds of them. I could reach out and touch them. I did reach out and touch them. After I left them and drove further there were vines with orange flowers covering the side of the road. Yellow butterflies were everywhere. I took a picture of one mid dive to a flower. Truly breathtaking. Well, it took my breath away that’s for sure. All because I went out looking for orange for a week. 

If you find something orange and want to link up to my blog I would LOVE that! Show me something orange that I didn’t find!

This week has been difficult. If you have read my blogs you know that I have been full of depression, anxiety, pain and frustration over my health and YET I still found orange. I particularly like the orange mushroom because it has a snail next to it and I love snails. 

32 thoughts on “A walk with orange

  1. Amazing picture.. truly breath taking.. the Ray of Hope in Orange tat shows in the sky.. u were determined in your heart that u wanna find orange and u found it every where.. y not think of ur well and fabulous health.. let ur mind believe of it..u will find tat as well..

    I know it’s easy to say, coz I am not the one in pain..but my love my prayers are with you and my faith is with you. I know there is nothing tat you can’t do. You survived the worst, you are a master.
    You create a beauty with ur camera, let the camera of your mind work and let the old beautiful Beth come again to this world..

    Hugs and love to you angel..

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  2. I love all the orange you found. The orange sky, oh, so breathtaking! It’s amazing you found so many Monarch butterflies. The ones in my backyard never stay long enough for my photos except once. I took some photos of bumble bees today! I’m so happy!

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    • I took a video of them. Every picture is a different butterfly. They kept flying around my head and landing on the wild flowers along the prairie. It was an amazing experience. It truly was.
      Oh bumble bees YES! That is truly exciting!!!!
      How could so much orange be out there. I had no idea. Around every corner there was orange. The ground, the sky, everywhere.

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  3. Reblogged this on msleighm and commented:
    I don’t leave the house much unless it’s a trip to the hospital or a doctor. This blog is a beautiful reminder to appreciate the world around us. Since I can’t get outside today, I am sharing this…

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    • Me too! Veryoften I only leave for the doctor, i decided this a few months ago to get in my wheelchair and go outside and search. Try i am unable to leave the bed.
      Im so sorry you are in the same situation. I am so thrilled you enjoyed and shared my blog

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  4. I don’t leave the house much unless it’s a trip to the hospital or a doctor. This blog is a beautiful reminder to appreciate the world around us. Since I can’t get outside today, I am sharing this…

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    • I do keep all of my pictures but I think I will have to transfer them on to my computer because my ipad says it is almost full and it has 16GB whatever that means but I think it is a lot. Right now I have 200 videos and 4,000 pictures. I JUST looked at it so it is so funny that you asked.
      I really do love my walks. I can empty my head and clear space in my brain without over stimulation of life and phone and talking and tv and bills to pay.
      I spent an entire week of taking pictures of orange things and so there were a lot of pictures. Then yesterday when we went to see the alligator (mistake that will not happen again) I took 100 or so pictures. Which I will delete!!!! Because now I have a new found fear of alligators.
      Just today I took 25 pictures on my walk of flowers.
      Yesterday there was this little blue fluff falling from the sky and i reached my hand out and it landed on me and then i put it on a flower. I thought it was just a fluff but it was a bug. I took a picture of it on the yellow flower and enlarged it and he had wings. I was thinking of you today when I was feeling this flower. It looked like it would be so soft but it felt like a rubber band and that was so odd.
      How are you doing today? I have therapy tomorrow and I am not looking forward to it for the first time in forever. I sobbed last therapy and I feel embarrassed now and like vulnerable and maybe i should not have trusted her with that vulnerability. I cant belive i just realized i’m writing this in a comment and not privately but I’m gonna send it anyway. I just feel vulnerable in so many ways and therapy may not make me feel better. And something else is we have to take my daughter to a specialist tomorrow after my therapy so it will be out a lot. I don’ t do well with being out a lot and i got over whelmed and overstimulated. That’s why i like my little walks. Honestly if i had a dog i would be just as happy sitting on my back deck listening to my owl with my dog petting him. Ok. Hope you have a good night!

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      • I am having a good night, I am not sleeping but that’s okay, I am drinking tea listening to the radio and being online, downloading some media shows TV shows on to my phone, 16 gig is not too much space, my iPhone is 16 gigs, are used to have a 32 gig iPad but I sold it, I must read your blog is about the alligator I read the one last week where you said you went in search of an alligator, that was good but I would be scared, I don’t know if I like alligators, some of the kids are sad tonight like Ali and Taylor, it’s hard for them, I think they just miss Eileen and Doctor Barry and get sad a lot thinking about them and thinking about them with their kids. I hope your daughters appointment goes well tomorrow and I hope your therapy session goes well too, I don’t have therapy again until next Tuesday


      • If you read my alligator blog don’t listen to the video bc I dont want it to scare the kids ok?
        I’m sorry you guys are sad. It is so hard to think of others being mothered and wishing we had that too.


      • I was totally wrong. I have 32 gigs and I deleted a ton of stuff and it only gave me one gig back. Yikes. I need to download all this stuff on the computer so I can free up space! I wonder how much space the wordpress app takes up.
        Give nitro a hug from me


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