In search of alligators

My husband came home from work today and took me in search of alligators. Believe it or not, my entire 45 years in the alligator capital of EVERYWHERE and I have never seen an alligator. On the University of Florida campus there is a lake/pond, lake Alice, that is known for alligators. There is also a prairie near by that has a long walkway where you can look out at all of the alligators. Paynes prairie. I rode my scooter and roughed it down to lake Alice. For a “Florida Gator” campus I was a little disappointed that it was not wheelchair accessible. Had to drive through dirt over roots. But, I drove my scooter down a very long walk way over the prairie too and that was accessible but bumpy.  My arms vibrated so much down the wooden walkway that my husband had to steer my scooter. We were out for two hours. We even drove to the top of a parking garage on campus so that I could take a picture of the sunset. He is so accommodating to my “Let’s go here! Oh wait, stop there! Oh wait, go up there!” 

Lake Alice has orange water because of the cypress trees. I love cypress trees. I hate orange water. The lake I grew up on had crystal clear water. The other lakes in the area are full of cypress trees so the water is orange and you can’t see to the bottom of the lake or the hand in front of your face. I realized looking at lake Alice that I would have never been happy with an orange water lake. The peace I got from our lake was swimming in that crystal clear water watching my hands and my hair in front of me. 

I like to end a day on a good note. Today I could not. I walked to get close to the water and I guess I over did it. When I got home my legs were in excruciating pain and I cannot move them. I have a flare up of Lyme disease too and so my joints are swollen and painful. It is not a good way to end the day unable to move. It is a helpless, scary, very scary feeling. So, I thought I would write this blog and try to end my day on as positive note as I can by posting the pictures I took on our search for alligators:

Oh and by the way…we found no alligators!!!

This is the cypress tree. All over the ground are “knees”. Cypress knees that stick up all over the ground around the cypress tree. I am unsure of their purpose. 

All photographs taken by me EXCEPT the one OF me taken by my husband. 

You can see the orange water. Blah! There are signs everywhere about DANGER ALLIGATORS! And I saw NONE. I mean this place is known for alligators! If you google videos on lake Alice in Florida you will see them. But alas, it was not meant to be. Truth be told I am petrified of alligators. I have no idea why I wanted a picture of one! Oh and none of these photos are filtered. I don’t know how to filter but one day I will work on brightening and such. Until then, what you see is what I see!!

This is the bridge we walked out/ scootered out on Paynes prairie. You can google Paynes Prairie too! There are interesting things about its location. It doesn’t even look real. The clouds over the prairie. All of the green is just…weeds? We had no idea but it was all water under the bridge. Ha ha ha. Water under the bridge. There was a sign here that said feeding the alligators is a $500 fine. Hmm. Parking in a disabled spot if you aren’t disabled is only $250. The things I ponder. 

As we were on the way home I had my husband drive to the top of a parking garage so I could capture this beautiufl sunset. It reminded me of a fire with smoke coming out of it. 

But to truly end on a good note I have to end with these birds. There were 10 swallow tail kites flying over us at lake Alice. I have never seen more than two. Their tail is split in half. They are beautiful to watch. They are black and white. I truly love black and white. 

Before we left on our search for alligators, I looked out our window and there was a hawk on my fence post outside the kitchen. He was amazing! He let me walk right up to him and he made a little noise at me. My husband reminded me that even though we did not find alligators it was the adventure that counted! So, I have never been that near a hawk before and I took a quick picture as he fluffled up his wings.  I end this on the most positive note I can: birds.

20 thoughts on “In search of alligators

  1. All we need is a wing to fly, a support to glide and swwosh we raise…

    Incredible and beautiful journey, u live in a place with a beautiful scenery and a wonderful husband to support you through with ur likes..u are blessed daughter of God my dear.. cherish these moments.. all that did not happen has a reason and all that happened also has a reason.

    Ur eyes capture the beauty and you share it with us.. we are a blessed tat we get to see and enjoy the gift of nature even though it’s not first hand..thank u for sharing..


  2. Yikes! I’d be happy to not see an alligator. I saw there are snakes there too. Not a fan of those either. lol

    The clouds in some of the pics look like someone painted them on a canvas. They are amazing. The one dark cloud…I see a large figure with wings and a snake head.

    The hawk. That was a great catch on your part. It looks like a black cat above him. I guess it’s the formation of the rock in the background, but I can see the head of a black cat with one eye closed.

    And finally, I keep meaning to tell you, your hair looks great!


    • Me too!!!!! I saw the same cloud!!!!!!!!!!
      The other clouds dont even look real. They DO look like a painting. I loved that.
      Omg the hawk!!!!!
      I just saw that and it is scary af!. It is a bush and rocks that the foxes use as their den. Dang you have quite an eye!
      Thanks on the hair compliment. I am finally used to it. I love it.
      No clue why i went alligator hunting….

      Liked by 1 person

      • Lol yeah, the cat head is kinda creepy. But still pretty cool. I love looking at photos. I would always want to go slow when someone else was flipping fast through them. I like to look at everything. It’s so cool to see the surroundings as well as the main subject.

        Btw: If your up for it, I put up another post today. It was written awhile ago and edited today. It’s also long.

        Liked by 1 person

      • There’s a ton there…quite understandable. Thanks for reading it. It’s crazy long. I just went through and made a few micro edits. Things like spelling, taking one “and” out where there were two, elaborating on a statement. Things like that.


      • Ok reading again. Ihad to pop out a poem that was ruminating in my brain all day. Had to be said before i could think clearly. I may be ripped apart for it but it is how I feel. So I don’t much care.
        Ok . Reading now and will comment after I read. I don’t mind long posts at all. Sometimes it takes time to get everything said

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    • It was an exciting adventure. I really loved to take the pictures. The picture over the paynes prairie was just so amazing to me. I felt like it wasn’t even real! And even at the lake, the ripples in the water and the trees. I just loved being out and away from home. Thank you for being a part of my enjoyment!

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