Oh little bird

I see you up in that tree all alone

Don’t you know a storm is coming?

I see you.

No one else does.

I see you. 

Please take flight

Before the lightening strikes.

Oh litle bird

I can’t bear it if you die.

7 thoughts on “Poetry

      • It was such a huge storm. There were other birds and they flew away and he was just left there alone. He was white and long and had a yellow long beak. He was so beautiful up against the black cloud. You know me well!!! I had to wait until he flew away from there. The prairie only has a few trees and I wanted him to fly away from the prairie and that one tree away from the lightening


      • The poem that i wrote about the man who asks for forviness behind the screen….that was about men who abuse children adn think they can just go to confession, get forgiveness and then just continue on doing the same things. That picture i did not describe for you, sorry. It was a very wide road. I layed down to take the picture. It was the same night. A storm was coming and the sky was so black and the road was wide going into the storm. For some reason it reminded me of the rules of some religions and how they allow such things and how we need to take the narrow road that may be harder to be good and true and honest and not a wide road of a person who thinks they can keep doing bad and just ask for forgiveness, feel better, and do it again.

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