Lightning storm

I lay on the hood of my car for an hour watching the lightening (ok wordpress corrects lightning to a different spelling!!!!) the thunder, the wind, and everything about it was mesmerizing. Don’t listen therapybits bc you don’t like thunder. 

All of the streaks in pink were lightning. Beautiful to watch and be in the moment with. ​

14 thoughts on “Lightning storm

  1. You know where my blog on where is God and then you read where the “therapist” commented. And you then had your say. Well there is another comment. I willl wait until tomorrow but I am considering shutting this blog down. This is not what I intended and I honestly cannot handle it

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    • I will not take it down. I just will not write on it until I feel safe to. Actually I was going to until my husband intervened and I read all of the comments and thought that my friends here are so important to me and I don’t want to leave them. So i just need time to decompress.
      But yes, the storm. I lay on the hood of my car and it was just soo cool to watch the storm come and then the rain and I just lay there in the midst of it all cars zipping past me to get home.


  2. That sounded really cool and the pictures are awesome. Your sky pics are the best.
    We had a really loud storm here a couple nights ago. If I’d been sleeping it would have woken me up. There would be a loud bang and then constant rumbling before a bright flash of lightning and then a another big boom of thunder. I love thunder storms.


    • It was one of the coolest moments I had had in a long time. People were flying past me in their cars to get home and I wondered what they thought of me laying on my car. It was a super cool storm.
      Today I sat outside and heard my owl. She hooted for the first time.

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