The gift of a lavender sky

I cross the prairie every few days. It used to be in search of something positive and mindful for my blog. Now it is out of pure necessity. I have to cross the prairie because it is the only way to find something joyful when my mind has been consumed with negativity, anxiety, and things that are out of my control.

Today I immediately found this gorgeous butterfly. Orange, white and black, on a yellow and white wildflower along the prairie.

Then I discovered the DREADED LOVEBUG. If you are from our area you will hate them. They destroy the car paint, they stink, and they will cover you wherever you go. Yet. Here they were not disturbing a thing, sitting on this yellow wildflower. I have to say I found a newfound liking for these guys. They were pretty darn cool covering a field of yellow flowers.

Then I met a new friend. He was quite the lovey. He sniffed all over my face and put his mouth right on mine! I tried to take a few selfies and the first few did not turn out too well! A selfie with a donkey is just not easy. Maybe he is a mule. I’m not sure the difference but I loved him.

I wasn’t quite sure at first

But then I fell in love and gave him lots of kisses. He was just so very very sweet. He had the softest nose ever.

Then came my sweet little horse. This shows the donkey, goat, and miniature horse. The black and white goat is in another field next to them

Then I went to visit my other horse who never comes to me but today she did. Maybe because I had a carrot. I got permission to feed her. She is huge! She got some kisses too. My heart still belongs to my little miniature horse though.

I know! Half the pictures are of my nose or their noses, but have you ever tried to have a special moment with an animal, while trying to hold and take pictures with an ipad? It is just not easy!!!! After I take a few pictures I put the ipad down and just go love on them anyway. But I take a few pictures to show my friends here and so at the end of the day if I am feeling blue, I can just look back at these and smile.

I’m feeling quite blue so I am looking at these and letting their love fill my soul.

I stayed until dark. I lay on the hood of my car in the middle of the prairie. I got to talk to a few of the wonderful neighbors that live back there. Then I saw this sky. At first it was pink. Then it was purple. It was stunning. I felt, for just that moment, lucky to be alive and able to witness such beauty.

Ok well they uploaded backwards and I have no idea how to fix it. So it shall be. I stayed until I couldn’t take the mosquitoes anymore and the moon came out. It was a beautiful end to a challenging day. What a beautiful end though. I don’t think I have ever in my life seen a sky so full of lavender. What a gift.

Oh holy moly I totally forgot the deer. It stopped next to my car and hopped right in front. I was just slowly idling down the road because that is what I do on the prairie. I look at all the beauty and she was so beautiful. Sorry no clear pictures. I was more focused on her. But she was there! And looks like I uploaded the supercool massive moth that was on the wal when I got home. Well, I’d hate to leave anything out!

23 thoughts on “The gift of a lavender sky

  1. I have driven through the Prairies (In Canada) on few road trips I don’t know if we are talking about the same ones. Lol But the prairies are beautiful, I also always liked driving through the prairies cause it is relatively easy, relaxing and if you are tight on time you can actually drive through them really quickly if you don’t want to stop to look at the scenary as all of it as beautiful as it is looks kinda the same. On long road trips fast and relaxed driving can be a bonus. The night skies or morning sunsets in the prairies though are to die for.

    Great pictures and glad you got to spend time with the animals. I am an animal lover myself so I really enjoyed looking at them. Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

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    • Since I live in Florida we dont have many to drive through that I have found. When I lived in indiana we would speeed through the wheat fields.
      This place down the road is just kind of my calm spot.
      Thanks for reading and commenting.
      I love the animals most but wow that sky changes minute to minute

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  2. Well that is so nice you have a place close by to relax and is calming. πŸ™‚ Yes the skies are very beautiful here. Skies always tend to be to die for in prairies or flat land because the sky is so open. πŸ™‚

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  3. Love the pics:)… the awesome example u set for overcoming pain and especially the title.. there is absolutely one hundred percent a poem hiding within that title … oh my how my will power is tested to not write one based off it.. but it’s ur title… it’s ur title … I tel myself ” be good Kae… it’s her title… possibly her poem too.. will u write it?…:)

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  4. Looking at the pictures of you with the donkey and horse, I started laughing. They are so humorous and also beautiful. Animals love it when people are quiet and still around them and take time with them. When we lived with my daughter, all the cats and dogs loved my husband the most because he isn’t well and would be laying on the bed a lot instead of moving around like I did. The cats didn’t cuddle with anyone but him and the dogs would love resting with him.

    This is my first time seeing a lady bug. It is actually quite pretty, but I wouldn’t want a bunch to land on me! My sister used to live in Florida and the wildlife and bugs were kind of scary. She dug a hole to build a fence and came upon a mole who was very upset at being dug out, and of course alligators were usually seen at her work site. We have bears,deer, cougars, wolves, fox and coyotes here – not usually in the city but in the surrounding mountains. Once in awhile they do wander in to town. Because of automatic doors, we have had some deer come into the bingo hall and grocery stores. Lol


    • Oh my gosh that would make my year if a deer came into a grocery store!!!
      I had fun with the donkey and the horse.
      Animals seem to sense illness. My dog certainly did. I am not surprised at all that the at stayed with your husband.
      Your comment reminded me of my dog molly. In the winter we would take her with us to a farm. We always stopped by the grocery store to get some food to bring for the animals and left the windows down for her. She loved car rides and it was cold out. One day we, my daughter and I were in the store, and it was announced that a dog was seen entering through the store door since it auto opened. And there was molly so excited she had jumped out of the window and come into the store. Made it through the parking lot. Lets say we NEVEr let that happen again! Very naive/stupid on my part. Anyway. Seeing the dog run up to us in the store was such a shock. I will never forget it. Only our sweet molly. She gave us some good memories. Your comment reminded me. Thank you

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  5. Bethany I wanted to tell you that today as I was making lunch I looked down and sitting on half an orange I had cut and left on the bench was a little orange and brown butterfly with its wings closed. I read something recently that said when a loved one dies they often appear as a butterfly. I cannot remember how long its been since I saw a butterfly inside. Is that you Mum, I asked the butterfly? Of course it stayed silent. When I scrolled through this post of yours I just thought I would let you know this. I love your photographs. Hope today is a good day for you. Love Deborah

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