Photograph taken by me of two feathers I found yesterday. Both were under leaves and unnoticed, dirty, and ragged. Both were smoothed out by me and appreciated. Then a poem was written:

Left alone, 

in society’s judgment.

Left alone, 

in society’s stigma.

Left alone, 

hidden not in the word  “society” but each person’s CHOICE.

Left alone,

 in other’s choices to hurt, to abandon, to wound, to minimize, to criticize, to inflict harm.

Left alone,

 in one’s own mind, created by others.

Left alone,

 to find one’s self deep beneath the layers of tattered and torn.

It only takes one, 

to soften the edges of a body and mind that has been brutally worn, 

One to listen. 

One to soothe.

One to gently nurture.

It only takes one, 


you are not alone anymore.

It only takes one,

To lift the weight of the tormentor. 

Be that one.







10 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. It’s so beautiful. Nice poem. The two feathers were ignored by everybody, you made them beautiful. It reminds me of a song entitled “Something Beautiful.” He made my bad and sad beautiful of my life.


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