My owl

I have no idea if this video will post. You will have to turn the sound up. It is longer than my normal videos but it shows my owl’s voice and her deep hoot. She is out in her tree next to my bedroom and I went out to listen and talk to her. Something about her makes me feel hope. It’s the middle of the night but I heard her and had to go warn her of the upcoming storm. As if her intuition did not already know it and is if she speaks human! She does by the way. 

10 thoughts on “My owl

    • Awesome. The video must have worked. She and I have had conversation for now 7 months. She is the highlight of my day. I love hearing her outside my window. It makes me feel safe like I can go to sleep. I mean. She has flown next to me on my wheelchair walks so I seem to have no doubt she would swoop down on someone else. Maybe that part is in my head but she’s been with me awhile

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