There are predators on wordpress. There are predators on wordpress. 

They will reblog your post and you will feel special. Ahhh someone thinks what you say is worthy of a reblog. You feel heard. You feel a protector has come into your midst. He will say all the right words. He will discover over time your weaknesses, your needs, he will then prey upon that and give you JUST what you need. 

Do not be confused. He is a predator. 

I can only warn you. If someone is reblogging all of your posts, asking personal questions, PUT UP YOUR BOUNDARIES! 

Listen, I get it. Someone reblogs your post. I do it when i find something that touches my heart and I really get it. But there is no need to kiss the ass of the person that has made you feel “heard”. It is validating that someone feels your words are repeating but that is where it ends. A simple thank you. I have opened up communication with many women who are survivors of abuse. This man is not that. This man is a predator. There is no need to go on and on praising and thanking. Ok? Your words matter whether someone comments, reblogs, or likes them. You matter. I care about every wordpress woman I have come in contact with so I send this one more warning. 

There are wordpress predators. Put up your boundaries. Keep them up. I promise you that an online man who is reblogging your posts will NOT give you any missing pieces that you have, fill any voids, or mend, or give you safety that you need. He will only hurt you. 

Be wary. Be aware. Don’t let him in. 

Please women in my tribe, be careful. 


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  2. I like that you do this … I was going to post something similar soon but am still wading through the communication.
    You’ve hit the nail on the head though, with the ‘over thanking’ etc.
    Good on you 🙂
    Haven’t got back to reading your posts yet … been along week here too. But I’m glad the winds have passed and your safe ❤

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  3. Someone that I saw from your comments and reposts also reposted my blog and tried to engage with me through comments. When I visited his site it made me uneasy. Usually there’s a theme but his site was such a hodge podge of things he seemed to just repost everyone else’s blogs. Then I saw in his comments section where he carried on a mundane conversation….a very long conversation not about the post. When it starts to get personal he suggested to her to go to a more private way of communicating. Wow…..alarm bells start going off. I stopped approving and responding to his comments and I stopped hearing from him. Thanks for the warning. Its an evil world out there sometimes. Its always good to be extra careful.

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