Two poems from my book of poetry : My Body Speaks


My vagina is on the witness stand. 

What? She cannot speak?!

 Oh, she’s up there wielding her sword 

anything but silent and weak. 

She stands for all. 

Strong enough to bear a child,

 and endure your countless crimes. 

She has now come forward. 

It is now her time. 

She will slash through your flesh 

another orifice no more. 

You are all on notice. 

You are all on trial, 

and the jury has come in. 


so sinister and vile,

 your freedom 




I am no flower. 

I will not be plucked. 

Nor my petals stroked. 

I am not velvety. 

Nor do I have thorns. 

I will not be compared lessened to a metaphor. 

You speak of this rose 

so delicate

 as something you control

 as something you hold.

 I am no flower.

 Nor part or your tender poem. 

I am no flower. 

I am a woman.

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