I decided on the word volume for stream of consciousness Saturday. I immediately knew what I would write about and then that changed. I WAS going to write about the volume of sadness I felt over an incident with my horse BUT since it is stream of consciousness writing I will just write this as it plays out, and as my fingers type the words. The volume of sadness and betrayal turned so quickly to the volume of faith, so that is where this is headed. 
I just watched the final play in a football game: Florida Gators against Tennessee. The VOLUME in the house was phenomenal. I loved it. Hearing my husband scream, the fans scream, and volume of my own voice was so profound. There was so much volume it drowned out everything else that had been ruminating in my head. 

The Gator quarterback threw that football over 50 yards (sorry I don’t know the specifics as I don’t even know what 1st and 10 means no matter how many times my husband explains it). The runningback ( I think that’s his position) AKA guy who caught the ball, just ran. What I loved so much about this ending is, whether this was a planned move or not, it didn’t matter to me. He seemed to be running to that goal line in pure faith! So many things COULD have happened. The quarterback tackled. The ball thrown and intercepted. The ball thrown to someone closer who then got tackled. Nothing could have happened and it could have gone into overtime. But the running back had faith if he ran to the end zone that he would catch that ball, so he ran. AND the quarter back threw the ball to him and he caught it and they won the game in the final seconds. Tears came to my eyes at football!!!! The volume in my brain of faith had just increased because a man ran to the end zone in a football game, because he believed there was a chance. Just a chance, and he took it. Out of all the probabilities and possibilities there was only a win because one man believed. Ok and the quarterback was freaking superman. 

I am thankful that the volume was turned up in a good way because of a football game and the volume of all the bad was drowned out! 

What do I need to believe in, take a chance on? What is my end zone? Who is going to take a chance on me and throw me the ball for the win? 

I need to take a chance, believe, and find my own end zone. Yes, that is what I will do. Change the volume. 
The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Sept. 16/17

7 thoughts on “Volume of FOOTBALL! YESSSSS!

  1. Faith is knowing the result from repeated action. Discipline and rehearsal. We know good deeds eventually convert to positive outcomes for our community.
    Sport is great for us learning this in western democracies.


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