What part of me 

Is not an emergency 

It’s been 10 minutes…

And you KNOW me?

You aren’t even HEARING me!

Am i just this broken tree

Is this all you can see

Disregard for my confusion

And loss of memory

Oh its just anxiety 

Oh it’s just ptsd

So easy


You are chopping me up

To put in little piles

For trash

Is seeing beyond the brokenness

Too much to ask?

Do you wonder what you missed

As you lie in bed?

Or will you come to my funeral

And say “Oh, I should have listened instead.”

Too late. 

I’m dead.

Are you reading this doctors?

“It’s all in her head.”

“She’s just under so much stress.”

Is that the cause

You will deem

My death?

As you all stand tall

Arm in arm

“So sad, so young, gone so soon.”

But you left me there

To die

Under the tiniest sliver

Of a moon!

I know I don’t fit into your box

Because you all are all just

Pompous cocks!

If you could just see beyond your nose

Beyond the light 

You are shining in my eye

And try to save me

While I’m still alive…

*photographs I took last night after I got home from the ER. A broken tree from hurricane Irma in our neighborhood, A dead tree, trees cut up and put in bundles on he side of the road for trash pick up, the tiny sliver of moon. 

24 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. This was very moving. So many times I’ve had doctors not believe me or help when my youngest daughter or I was sick. I finally went to a naturopath for both of us and was helped. It turned out she had hypoglycemia. I have fibromyalgia, and learned to feel better by avoiding certain foods and taking anti-histamines. I was surprised to learn foods have histamines.

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      • Well, they have lists online for low-histamine diets. They tell you what foods are especially high in histamines. I try to follow it, but I’ve found some foods, like peanut butter, don’t bother me, as far as I can tell. I’ve always known berries make my fibro much worse and anything made with flour. Although, thin crust pizza is not bad and flat breads not quite as bad. Perhaps because of the yeast.

        I mostly, every day, make sandwiches of rice cakes. I fry eggs and put them on rice cakes. I use them for jams, cucumbers and lettuce with cream cheese, everything. They don’t have any taste, but the stuff on top make them good.

        I avoid anything that is packaged or is spicy. Spices are high in histamines. I now take 2 anti-histamines every 4-6 hours and it really helps me a lot.

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      • Thank you. This is so helpful. I am looking up foods high in histamine now. I really appreciate you sharing this. I am so prone to rashes and chemical sensitivities. I had no idea that putting foods in my body could exacerbate that! Thank you so much

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      • One thing about the diet. I don’t stay to it perfectly. I think it says cheese is bad, but I found mozzarella cheese is okay for me. Also, cream cheese. I do eat berries and chocolate now and then, but if I ate them a lot they make me sick and have pain.

        My daughter knows someone who told her there is acid in our drinking water. We already use a filter to get germs out, but she got an alkaline filter and her shoulder pain went away. So, we got one and it has helped me a lot too. I am too acidy and have acid-reflux. Also, it can take a few weeks for a new diet to work, so don’t get discouraged.

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      • I have read that alkaline water helps so many health problems. Right now we are drinking bottled water because we have copper pipes and both of our copper is too high in our body.
        Thanks for the tips. I do LOVE cheese!

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