Today, I remember yesterday. So that is much improvement. I remember what I ate, that I went for two walks with my husband, and that for a brief moment I forgot that my dog had passed away. Memories…it’s too bad I can’t forget the traumas. It is too bad I cannot pick and choose what my brain will remember and forget. Yesterday I stood while making for for my daughter, twice. I HAVE to use a barstool because my legs don’t have the endurance to stand that long. I forgot. Today my legs are very painful. But, my brain must be recovering even thought they don’t even know what happened to it after the seizures. I will share with you the pictures I took on my very mindful walk yesterday.

I left the house and almost immediately a hawk swooped down. It’s wing grazed my head and he landed right in front of me. I gasped so loudly that he looked up at me with a look of “what?!” And then he grabbed whatever food he had been headed for. At first I thought, since I had put sunglasses up on my head that maybe the hawk had mistaken them for something. 

My husband didn’t think so. He thought, like the owl, that I am just part of their world, so they move around me as if I were a tree they were flying past. 

After the hawk, two little dogs ran out to greet me behind their fence. I am the only one that they wag their tails and get excited to see. Everyone else it seems they are in protect property mode. 

The sky became dark and I came back home after five minutes and waited out the short rain

When I first went back out I was very intent on mindfulness and immedately saw this colorful leaf.

Right after came these colorful clusters of berries all over a tree on an empty lot.

Then the flowers just jumped out of everywhere. I don’t know if they have been here forever or if it was just the way the sun was shining through them that made them look so beautiful. We also came upon a group of wildflowers that I stop by every day. Weeds people will say. They are always filled wtih the most beautiful butterflies and bugs and bees. Today was bee day!

I got home to sit on the deck with my daughter just in time to hear my owl. Of every moment of disorientation and short term memory issues I have had this week, not one time did I forget my owl. I guess some things are just unforgettable. She was too high in the trees to find but I recorded her voice. Listen to this voice. I will forever be proud of her for overcoming her hard start with an injured leg. I will forever be proud of her mother for taking care of her longer than normal until she was sure she could make it on her own. I will forever be blessed to have been a part of her life for these past 7 months. Hearing her find her voice has been something I will never forget. 


54 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. I absolutely love the sound of owl. And wildflowers are awesome. I was just pet sitting this weekend and the next door neighbor where I was has them on their front hill. I have some pics from them in years past as I used to walk their dog too. She has passed though and in fact looked a lot like your Jessy. (Her name was Lucy.)

    Sorry I am getting off track here. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to follow. My free association can really go off in all directions. Lol.

    What is the orange and yellow flower? I love the color orange.

    That being said, yellow is right up there too and so is all shades of purple. I really like the photo of the tall yellow flowers in front of the pine? tree (or is it a cypress?). Either way, the contrast gets me, I love it.

    That red leaf looks like what the leaves are beginning to get like around here with fall honing in on us. It’s been hot though the last couple weeks. Humid too. It’s quite unseasonable and I should not complain but I don’t like it. I’m looking forward to cooler temps (not winter though).

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    • I love your blog it is just the screen is bothering my head. I tried to watch tv with my husband and now my head is throbbing. I have the screen turned way down too. I don’t know why this is still an issue. I go up on the seizure meds tonight though so maybe that will help.
      The orange flower is a cannalilly. I love them. I used to have tons of them but they didnt come back this year. This is in my neighbor’s yard. I find it so adventurous when I drive my wheelchair up people’s driveway when I see a flower I like. Thinking at any movement they will pop out of their house.
      I LOVED that yellow flower it was blowing in the wind and a pine tree was behind it. I couldnt get it clear because it was blowing but it was so cool. It was way above my head so at least 6 feet tall.
      We basically have no fall in florida so i have no idea where this leaf came from and it is still hot as blazes outside. So i loved that i found it.
      I’m going to catch up on your blog tonight. Everyone else’s I will have to put on hold!
      The sound of the owl, I listen to that recording over and over. She rolls her R’s at the end it sounds like to me. I’m just happy I got to be a part of an owl’s life.

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      • I’m laughing at two things. That the owl rolls her Rs at the end. That cracks me up. And that I wrote “I love the sound of owl” as if it’s some delicacy. lol. The word owl should have an ‘s’ at the end of it. Proof reading skills and all that. haha.

        When I commented about following I was actually referring to my comment. Talking about flowers and then switching to pet sitting because they have flowers, etc. I tend to go off in different directions sometimes (a lot actually) when I write, when I think, even when I talk. And it confuses people, understandably so since my thought process is all over the place.

        No worries on the reading. I know you’ve been having a difficult time. I am worried about you and hope that you recover from this. I know what that feels like to have the computer screen feel like it’s burning your retinas and frontal lobe. Been there for sure. Not the same reason, but I get it and it’s just easier to turn it off.


      • I didn’t even notice that you didn’t put an S. That is hilarious. But she IS infact just ONE owl. Soooo leaving off the S is totally acceptable here.
        I like how you talk about flowers then pet sitting. I guess our brains are alike because it flows very well in my head as I read it. I was like oh good flowers, oh a dog that looked like jessy. All fine in my head!

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  2. Beautiful. I’m so glad you are on the mend. I saw a pillow with Owls on it at Goodwill when I still worked there and I spoke to the owls and asked them to speak to you and to help you. I’m glad they listened and helped you. I love you and I’m so proud of you. I’m cheering you on!!


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