*photograph of punching bag Bob. I may use him every day for my posts πŸ™‚
When a liar starts believing his own lies

He becomes a dangerous man.

When denial becomes his reality

He becomes a dangerous man.

When truth becomes the enemy

There creates a dangerous man.

When others follow a dangerous man

When others support a dangerous man

We then have an epidemic 

On our hands

By their hands

And victims become afraid 

To take their stand

Don’t be afraid of the dangerous man

He is only as dangerous as your mind allows him to be.

Don’t feed the ego of the “dangerous” man.

Then you will be treading 

On truly dangerous land.

I stand

For the righteous man.

I will stand

A survivor

Holding the right man’s hand. 
* The word man is meant to mean human kind. It can be used interchangeably with the word woman. Your choice. 

19 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. I could do with one of those ‘Bobs’ πŸ˜‰ Our punching bag is too hard and it looks like a punching bag. I had thought about putting a big photo of ‘the mongrel’ on it … but Bob looks better πŸ™‚

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      • When I was able bodies…able to chop and punch, etc, I printed a copy of the man who molested me and I stapled him to a tree that was dead on our property and I went out every day and chopped at that tree until I chopped it down, him with it. Does that mean I am violent? Oh hell no. But to be able to channel anger and hurt and violation and rape into something physical and let that alter your mental status to feeling like you finally fought back even if it was a picture on a tree. That can be very healing.

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      • Oh yes, I agree …again! Which is why i thought about getting a ‘Bob’ to punch … or shoot lol … but chop down sounds even better!!
        I’m a love of violence that is directed like that πŸ˜‰
        I remember seeing a therapist once, that suggested I scream into a pillow to help release the anger. Yeah … never went back there again lol.
        My version i guess, is hitting the waves at my beach … I mean literally. I wait till its rough and stomp on out there and punch the waves … they punch back though πŸ˜‰ It’s usually when I scream out loud too (never mind the pillow thing) … thats therapeutic as hell too!


      • Oh that sounds REALLY therapeutic!!!
        I used to skeet shoot. Those little things that get tossed in the air. I LOVED that. Beating waves sounds good but they do kind of beat you back so you’d have to find a way to win!
        Chainsaws work too. Somewhere on my blog is the story of me chainsawing up my Xs furniture because he was a cheater/liar/ very bad man. There was some therapy in that let me tell you!!!! I mean I was over that guy in one little beat of a heart.

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      • oh I’d love to do that (skeet shooting)! I used to go and play one of those video games where you could shoot stuff, not quite the same but close lol.
        And yes, when i’ve had enough i jump out quick, like I’ve won lol.
        And I’d love to do chainsaws but am scared shitless of them … power tools that are noisy I can’t seem to handle … but hammers and sledge hammers are good πŸ˜‰ And I bet that was awesome therapy lol!! … “See yah … Over You” lol.

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      • I love it!!!! Channel that anger in a heathy sledge hammer kind of way. Hey if my therapist supports it then who am I to go against her?!!!! Lets do some tree chopping, Bob punching, etc. channel the anger and get it OUT


      • LOL YES!!!!! It had to have been. ” now don’t forget to wear your dress and your heels and make sure dinner is cooked for your husband and. Your children are bathed before he gets home. We want a clean house for him and well groomed children. Now. After they are all in bed THEN you go out with your pillow to your car, so as not to disturb anyone because we don’t want ANYONE to know your anger or to see it and then merely scream into a pillow and you’ll be JUST FINE..” I’m seeing it. That’s how it allll started. Well it ends with us!

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