SoCs Dew/do

Does morning dew look like raindrops? 

I don’t know because I am never awake to see the morning dew. 

I was awake to go for my mindful walk this afternoon. They sky was hazy and there was a mist of rain. 

The word dew and the mist reminded me of a song my nana used to sing to me when I was a young girl. I sang it for my entire walk. These are the words I remember do  you know it?

“One Misty Misty morning when cloudy was the weather, I chanced to meet an old man clothed all in leather. He began to compliment and I began to grin,’How do you do and how do you do and how do you do again.'” 

This song reminds me so strongly of my Nana, one of my most all time favorite people in the world. I allowed the mist to just cover me. I breathed in the tiny droplets. Every inch of my body and my wheelchair was covered in this fine mist of droplets. Is this what dew is like?

I found these tiny droplets of what I would imagine dew would look like on some flowers. This flower is like a star, purple, with a yellow center. It blooms in the fall. It is almost fluorescent. I love it. My mother planted it. It is the last flower she planted that is still standing. I looked at it today on my walk and my tears mixed with my already wet face. 

Right next to this flower was a pale pink rose that almost as a yellow hue mixed in. My mother planted this one too. The dew like drops mixed right in with my tears. I cannot tell you if what was on this flower was a rain drop or my very own tear. 

I moved forward. I always move forward. I look for the good. I look for the calm. I found this sweet black butterfly that was ALL about the pose! And then this spectacular green bug on this orange spotted flower. Both bugs got me really mindful. I watched them and I FELT like they were watching me. I sung my nana’s song and just watched these bugs in the misty rain. 

When I got home I saw in the corner of my yard deep in the ferns was a red flower. I have no idea where it came from but it just stood so bright and beautiful there all by itself. I put my hand under it and felt blessed to be holding such a delicate beautiful creation in my hand. 

So I may not know the morning dew , but I do know the beauty of a raindrop and a misty walk. And I am grateful for that.
Stream of consciousness saturday!!!! The word is dew or do. 

24 thoughts on “SoCs Dew/do

  1. The mist sounds so nice, so cleansing.

    The color of the purple flower is beautiful. It’s such a deep color I had a hard time scrolling past it. I was mesmerized by the color and the shape of the petals.

    The orangish flower with the magenta spots…the one the bugs are playing on…I see a heart on the petal that points to the lower right corner.

    That butterfly is posing…I swear. ๐Ÿ˜€ Interesting black and white markings. I have never seen one like that.

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    • I sat on the ground and stared at it for forever! There is an entire flower garden my mother planted of it and when it blooms it will glow at night. I can’t wait to take a picture of it.
      The butterfly was TOTALLY posing!!!! I said he was and my husband agreed too! So glad you see it. I have never seen a butterfly like it. I loved him. I asked him. Hey can you go to that flower over there because the picture I just took was blurry. He did. I speak butterfly now. It’s true! Then I continued with my little song!
      I need to go back and look at the orangish flower. Every flower today jumped out at me. It wasn’t like just my average oh how pretty but they just stood out and I stopped for awhile on each. I want to see the heart though so Im gonna go back and look now

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      • Oh please post the flower glowing in the dark. I want to see that.

        I am not surprised you speak butterfly. That’s so funny about the posing thing. I can’t believe you guys were talking about that and I saw it. So cool.

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      • Yes I said, ” is he giving me the over the shoulder side eye” and my husband mimicked his pose and was like yep.
        When it is glowing i will post it. I don’t know how it will turn out at night. My nighttime photos seem to suck but I will try. It is beautiful at night when they all bloom.

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  2. Thanks for joining us today. I love seeing water drops on flowers and on the grass. Itโ€™s always fun when something triggers a memory of someone special, and we have a little time to think about them. The pictures are beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

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