A walk around my yard. 

My walk was limited to my yard today as I get used to my morning dose of seizure meds. But wow the beauty in my own yard was breathtaking. The colors of the green moss. It just jumped right out. It was so soft and smelled like freshly mowed grass, but it was just green moss on the ground. There was a random little shiny red berry! I mean where did that come from? A bird dropped it? The wind blew it? That red berry gave me hope. Why? I cannot tell you, all I know is it caught my eye and made me smile and just the act of smiling gave me hope in my heart. 

After hurricane Irma, some of the dead tree tops broke off. But still standing apparently was a woodpecker’s dream. Every tree that had broken had been busily pecked at. I have seen the woodpeckers today and heard their loud distinctive calls. 

The mushrooms growing out of the dead tree just reminded me that where there is loss there can still be life. 

More and more lavender flowers are blooming and a rose bud which was the closest thing to perfection I have ever seen, other than my child’s face and heart and soul, just stood there so strongly. It took me a good 10 minutes to photograph that rose bud. Every one was blurry. This was the best shot I got. It stood so strongly there that it gave me faith. It made me feel like something so fragile and beautiful could grow strong and tall and barely blew in the wind because the stem was so thick. Reminded me that even in our own fragile state we can have a strong constitution. 

Then I found just a random lavender flower petal but no lavender flowers were near. Next to it were lavender leaves. I looked around. Lavender must be the color of the day. I looked up and there was lavender barely noticeable in the clouds. I just felt blessed. I took a deep breath and felt reminded that beauty can turn up unexpected and give our heart a boost. Out of nowhere, lavender. On the ground and above my head. It made my heart feel lifted. Even a purple flower. Just a stray little flower in a dead tree stump. As if to say ” there is light in this darkness! Be reminded!”

Then I found green fern that was growing out of another tree stump. It was so ALIVE and green and bright. Where there is loss, there is life as well. 

I felt very inspired by the things in my own yard. Each little thing I noticed felt like a gift of life. This life I have been given to live. And wow have I had challenges. The seizures have really topped the challenge but you know what, I survived. Today, I rejoice life. With so many innocent lives lost, I feel grateful that even with my current challenges, I am here. I am living. I am seeking beauty. I am not giving up. I am persevering. I am aware of my own strength and resilience that I must have forgotten about. I am happy to be remembering the important things. I am happy that I am the kind of person who smiles at finding a red shiny berry. 

14 thoughts on “A walk around my yard. 

  1. I love lavender. I have a small plant in my garden that has self-seeded from ones in the garden of my horrible next door neighbour. I like to think of it as a kind of karmic gift – he would never do that himself, but I have it anyway. 😉🌱

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  2. Your backyard is gorgeous!! Loving those violety coloured daisy things (sorry, I’m not very good with remembering names of things lol … tend to make up my own 😉 ).

    Also loving your strength and resilience! xo


    • I had a few new bloomers I am just about to post. I am thrilled with every bird that comes my way and uses the birdbath and every mushroom and every different colored leaf and flower. I know not everyone is like me but I just find I am in such awe of what is around me. I feel clarity and peacefulness when I notice the little things.


  3. U are a person who believe in beauty, hope and self confidence..

    An amazing post.. which gave me also the confidence that I am no less, I can face any challenges.

    The pictures you click are breathtaking..😄😍😘


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