A lavender sky, the moon, and some mushrooms

I left the house and neighbor passing asked what I was looking for today on my mindful walk. I LOVE that she knows what I am doing! Love it. I told her red. I was looking for red. 

After finding the cut down tree I had to move past that experience and find red. I found a red pine cone looking thingy. I found a red leaf. I found a red flower. I found just what I was looking for. 

But while looking with intention I found some unexpected gems, these clusters of mushrooms. They fascinated me. They were all over this person’s yard. Little colonies of mushrooms. Everywhere! I like little colonies and groups of things that stand together. It reminds me of support and survivors and what we can give each other while standing side by side. 

I stopped to take pictures of them. They smelled exactly like the mushrooms that I sautéed when making mushroom tacos. 

I found an orange and yellow flower that was about as original as any I’d seen. 

But oh the sky. The lavender sky. It started out as what looked like dirty clouds. But as they parted there was lavender everywhere. What a sight to see. A lavender sky. How do you describe lavender to someone who has never seen it. There is a gentleness and kindness to it. There is a peaceful feeling like the smell of a rose or covering yourself in a soft velvety blanket. It feels safe. 

We stopped to say hello to a neighbor just as the moon came out. I tried and tried to get a non blurry moon picture but it is just not my calling I suppose. I thought it was striking though how similar it looked to the sun as it was shining so brightly behind the clouds. So, blurry and all, there it is. Similar yet so different. Looking at it feels cold to me. How does it feel to you? How would you describe it to someone who cannot see it?

But oh the lavender sky. It really took my breath away.

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