Mr. Ghost, 

Dear Mr. Ghost, 

I would call you by your real name but there are too many to choose from. I would attach a picture of you but there are too many to choose from. So I have chosen punching bag Bob as he is as close to a ghost of a person I could find. 

See when I first wrote my blog about my tribe, my group of survivor women who have bonded together, warning them of boundaries, safety, and online tricksters, it was just a warning. It was not until I was slandered, told lies about, and discriminated against that I did look into your “stories.” I learned then that you are a ghost. 

Now first to clarify. When an individual gets a notification on their email from wordpress it has an IP address. It even offers to tell you where that IP address is. It is not against the law to look up what wordpress has provided. Interestingly, your IP address matches the phone number you gave me when you offered to let me call you whenever I needed to. It said that you were not infact where you said you were countless times. 

Then you stated that I asked you to take pictures of your home in your country you claim to live in and asked where that was multiple times. So many times that you had to give me a fake adddress. I find that ironic because I DID infact ask for your address to send you a THANK YOU CARD. I sent a thank you to your supposed fake address with the only feather of my blessed owl. You told me you framed that feather. So if your address was fake, how did you get the card, and the feather, and how is it framed? Right. 

Next you stated that after you made your egregious, defamation of character, lying accusations, you said that you had contacted an attorney and due to legal action I had taken down my blog posts that were slanderous to you. Lies. You never contacted an attorney. And my blog post was not slanderous to you. They do not and never did mention you. What you have on your blog is a blog post that has your name not mentioned anywhere. So why did you assume it was you and attack me personally? Perhaps because you had so much guilt, it was your only defense. To lie. Attack an innocent woman because you are infact a liar. IF you had contacted an attorney, that attorney would tell you that what you have done is criminal. 

I contacted wordpress shortly after your post. They told me that during the hours that I was not logged in to wordpress there was a ton of activity on my blog to include removing of comments, followers,, and posts. I do not believe in coincidences. WordPress thankfully restored my blog to its original settings. 

After some of my followers read your post they sent you their thoughts, their opinions, and their protectiveness over me. You chose to not post those comments. You only chose to post comments that furthered your agenda towards and against me. I wonder, were those even real comments?

I googled you. There is no law against that. Anyone can google anyone. There is a lot on the world wide web about you Mr. Ghost man. Some say you have bought your followers. Some say you  have many personas. There are even law suits pending your stealing of logos. 

But who is to say who you really are because I hear you are going by a different name now. How many names do you have?

You mention my daughter in your blog post. She is a minor. She has nothing to do with your attack against me. Putting my daughter in your heinous acts is low even for a Ghost. 

You mention my mental health. You discriminate against those with mental illness even so far as to say I have become an abuser myself. I have never hurt a living soul or a living creature in my life. But you did paint quite a picture of me. Even got some women to feel sorry for you. 500 comments of an entire conversation on your blog that portrayed you as a completely different man than you portrayed to me. So you are vegan? Hmm. Interesting you sent me your meatloaf recipe that you said you ate in three days. You have 2 daughters? Hmm. You never mentioned them in the discussions we had over the things you shared with me privately about your life. 

Google is fun. Just look up your own fubar account. And there you are during the time in which you claimed you were living on your little island. But which island. Every blog that has your name has a different story. I found many blogs written about you by you and you are in many places at once. All with a different life. But pictures do not lie and there you are with your wife and daughter. I wonder if anything you said was true. I doubt it. 

Now see, as a courtesy to you, even though wordpress says they allow discrimination and bullying, I will not post all of the pictures I found of you or your locations. I will just say that that phone number you gave me…I googled that too and it comes back to the same “fake ” address you gave me to send you a thank you card. 

You, Mr. Ghost are a disgrace to human kind. Do you call that discrimination? See, I call it the truth. And apparetnly wordpress allows freedom of speech. I tried to report your abusive content because it is infact abusive. To call out a rape victim, use that against her,, and call her an abuser because you yourself got caught, just makes you pathetic. I get to say that because of the whole freedom of speech thing. My blog is about the truth. Only the truth. You, are a liar. 

Now, I did not think you were a predator. You thought you were a predator based on my post. After reading your post, google searching all of our lies, and reading through your own comments lying to women and telling them just what they want to hear, I would say you are no less than a criminal who has many fake personas and who is so pissed off that you got so wrapped up in your own lies that you busted yourself, your only come back was to attack an innocent woman. 

So to sum up, Mr Ghost man, I know the truth about you. I know you do not believe in God but He knows the truth about you too. My blog posts were not taken down by me or by any legal action against me. Your entire blog post was written to further your lies, further your agenda (which I am not sure what your agenda really even is other than lying) and discrimination against a woman with PTSD and anxiety due to abuse and rape. Your poor me, I’ve been attacked by this woman’s post so I must retaliate is nothing more than your own guilty conscience. 

People can read your slander and believe you. They can look at bits and pieces of my blog and judge me. They can support your newest story of the week. But YOU invited my daughter and me to be flown out to your supposed country. I DID ask for pictures innocently because I thought you would want to show me where you would be one day flying us to. And being you are a photographer and all, so that story went.

I rolled over. I was a bit conflicted over what to do. Do I justify any of this? Do I just let it go and walk away? Then my blog was tampered with. Then my friends said they were unfollowed. Then they told me you didn’t approve their comments of standing up for me. And you know what? I’ve been on the floor, stomped on, raped, molested, and I kept silent. My blog is about NOT BEING SILENT. 

I don’t know who you are. You are just Mr. Ghost man from now on. You are not real to me. But you are someone who, Ghost or not, just like a PTSD memory who will not go away, needed to be addressed. I’ve been bullied before. I know bullies. I’ve never had a Ghost bully. Usually the bullies I encounter at least admit to what and who they are. My voice will never be silenced again. 

Go away now Mr. Ghost. You may decide to not publish my tribe’s comments but there are many out there that know you are a liar. Oh and a tribe is not just for Native American’s btw. And oh yeah usually Native American Indians don’t call them selves Indians. They call themselves Native American Indians. Oh gosh and one more thing…learn how to pronounce Namaste correctly. Really if you are going to try and perfect a fake persona, at least research it a little. Oh gosh and one MORE thing, vegan means no cheese. No animal products. Just because my daughter was vegan does not mean you can steal her story and make it yours. Come up with your own material. 

You thought that you could target a rape victim and she would roll over and play dead because you’ve read her blog and seen her struggles? You thought wrong. Now go away. You’ve wasted far too much of my time. 



The innocent woman you targeted.

44 thoughts on “Mr. Ghost, 

    • Nope!!!! After you read what he wrote about me you will see they are so oddly similar they may be the same person! And I just thought, yeah, after being abused most of my childhood and teenage years. I’m really tired of just sitting back and taking it!

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  1. Strange. Would he be protecting someone who has something to lose if you keep speaking your truth?
    Not abnormal for the kind of people who do these things to vulnerable people.

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    • VERY normal for people who do these things to vulnerable people. It’s what they do. And yes, he would be hiding and yes he must be afraid I will tell his secrets. I have no intention of that. I will stand up for my own truth though and not be subjected to lies.

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      • Yep. They like having us in the mental health system too. I have had some ding dong battles.
        I like to keep the internet the internet… a communication tool. Online communities are good if the reason is good.
        Otherwise when I go out to socialize I like doing it in reality. Sometimes difficult when one doesn’t touch drink or drugs and listens to others. It’s a messed up world and some morons will rape their mother (the earth) for a bit more money.

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    • I know you initially wanted more details. I was not quite ready to discuss it. But if we have any motto it would be no bullying! No silencing! Move forward! Find joy where we can. Which is why I followed up this post with all of my mindfulness photos!

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    • It was disheartening. WordPress did nothing but restore my blog but that is good for now. It is unfortunate they allow bullying on this site but that is my fault for not reading their content rules more. Closely.
      He is behind me now and all is fine.
      Thank you for your kind words. Hope you are well.
      I still think of your book btw. It was so good. I hope there are people still buying it!

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  2. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. Amen, Bethany! 💓💓.

    You *never* used his name that I saw. Yet he used yours all over the place. Obviously he was going for attention. Grandiose. That’s what these people have–visions of self-grandiosity. Must make a big show of everything. And delusional! When I read his first post on the subject I didn’t even know he was referring to you! (Which is weird because he used your name, but I must have missed the connection because when reading his post, you never crossed my mind because his portrayal of you was *that* far off base.).

    Just wow. 💞

    Yes, for your sake, move forward and put this behind you 😊 That being said, I understand why you wrote this. Having been bullied by an activist group on Twitter a while ago, I have written several posts (Feb-Mar) that proved to be very therapeutic in that they helped me to vent and express everything I didn’t feel I could say directly to them. It gave me the closure and that “last word” “for the record” that I needed. I’m really glad you did (what I understand to be) the same thing (or something similar)(?). Kudos to you for saying your piece and not letting him win. I’m not falling for his crap anymore; I’ve silently cut ties. I’m sure he knows because he probably read my comments here early on and he probably noticed the abrupt downturn in my interaction with him. He has not made any more contact with me, either, which is good and I hope it stays that way. I continue to send you warm healing thoughts of strength and support 😘😘❤️💟

    You, OTOH, have been very dignified in this whole thing.

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    • Thank you friend!!!!!!
      Nope I never mentioned his name and still did not.
      I’m sure he will somehow get the last word but I will not hear it or read it.
      I don’t always know what “acting like a victim” should be. Because of my previous roles of nothing I felt I should say something although sometimes it is best TO say nothing and not give them the pleasure of knowing they bothered you. But his bothering me has left the building. Like I said, how can I be bothered by a ghost!!
      I’m really sorry you were bullied. By an activist group? What we THAT all about??? Who would bully you????!!!!! Ugh there are bullies everywhere though.
      My daughter’s friend was bullied on twitter and it was appalling. The power people think they have behind a screen.
      Thank you for supporting me and caring. I do appreciate you

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      • Good question about how acting like a victim should look like ❤️. I think it’s different for each person 😊. My personal philosophy is that it’s always been important to me to not be A Victim. Sure, we can be victimized (absolutely!), and once we’ve gotten ourselves through the acute stages, I insist on taking my life back 😁, because I don’t want to continue to give my power away or let myself be defined by the perpetrator. They’re not worth it; I still have the rest of my life to live and I get to define it, dang it 😁😘❤️. But that’s just me. Nobody can tell you how to process your own experience; you are the only one who has that right 💝💝

        Yeah, I was bullied by some autistic far-left activists whose sole mission was to combat ableism, which in itself is awesome, but when they got very militantly anti-male and racist (against whites), things got out of hand. They had been friends of mine and one day they took issue with a white autistic guy in the community, who is also a friend of mine (and still is 😊). He’s a very nice guy, and up until that point, we were all really good friends on Twitter. When I wrote a post detailing (anonymously) the valid points made by each side, they came out swinging against me, and turned me, along with a few other dear friends of mine, into targets ourselves. After an initial cool down time, I thought it was all over


      • Shoot I hit reply by mistake lol 😂

        The bottom finally fell out 2 full months later 😳. That’s when the witch hunt began, where they turned about 30-50 people against about 5 of us (or more). That ended my regular presence on Twitter. I still have my account and I probably won’t delete it, but it became too painful a place to spend much time in one session. So now I check in every couple of weeks instead of several times a day 💚💙

        I’m finally over it; my window is always open for anyone who wants to make amends, but I don’t want to goad the previous negative emotions by initiating anything. I don’t forget, but I can forgive. I think 😉

        Yeah, some people do make me wonder 😳. Thank You so much for caring, too! Your support and friendship mean *so much* to me 💖🌟💖🌟


      • D’oh! My WP app (on my mobile) cheerfully said “reply sent”, but you’re completely right; when I went to look for Part 1, it wasn’t there! Sometimes that happens to commenters on my blog too, and when it does, I sometimes find that WP stuck it in the spam folder (maybe because it saw incomplete sentence structure, and thought it fit their spam algorithm? Not sure lol). Could it be in there? If not, I’ll re-type everything I can remember 😁


      • Aww 😘😘. Thank you so much, my lovely 🌺🌺. WP is a little unpredictable these days sometimes! I’ve had strange things happen to me–little glitches here and there.

        Fun Fact, tangential topic: when The Ghost reblogged one of my posts for the first time, WP marked it as spam (!). It was probably telling me something, and I probably should have listened to that one 😉💗💗


      • Gonna have to look tangential up fyi.
        Ok so wordpress has it’s suck points but it still has it’s red flag spam try to warn you points too! You know your “like” is still on my slander page of his. You COULD unlike it I do believe. Just sayin. I noticed it yesterday when I was typing my reply.

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      • Oh shizz! I had forgotten about that 😳😨😖. I hadn’t visited his site since the thing happened because of the discomfort of the very idea of him and his message. But I’m going back there *right now* to do exactly what you mentioned because I will not have my name associated with the support of that vitriol 💞💞💞


      • Awww! Likewise, my lovely! 🙂 I’m so sorry that I hadn’t done it sooner – just going back there is so vile ❤ But needless to say, it was worth it, just to give a big ol' UNLIKE to that post. I dang near cracked my phone's screen LOL. Thank you so much for reminding me! ❤ ❤ Xxx


      • LOL OMG that made me laughed. Thank you!!!!! Just seeing your pretty face emoji there was unnerving.
        Believe me i will NEVER go back there. Only going forward. Sorry to traumatized you and your phone!!!


      • 50 people came down on you on twitter!!! That is terrible. That is a serious attack. Do they allow that on twitter?
        What you are doign on twitter is what i do on fb. I used to check it many times a day. Now i do it a few times a week.
        Wouldn’t that be nice for someone to make amends? So nice!!! People don’t know why no one knows how to say they are sorry anymore. I mean at some point you would know you are being an asshole and at some point you would then go hmmmm let me apologize bc i’ m an asshole. But no one does. Actually i had one friend apologize to me. It was pretty cool. Shocking actually. Should’t be shocking when someone apologizes but these days it is.
        I don’t forget either. I just put up better walls of protection and that whole forgiveness thing….I can say that I have moved on but forgiveness is not really my cup of tea.
        They are awful people for doing that to you. Shame on them!!!!

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      • Awww thank you so much for your encouraging words! 💜💖. I should clarify that the attack was led by probably about 7 people, but they went on sort of a McCarthy Era tactic, where they actually approached mutual friends and made them pick sides–theirs or ours. People were found “guilty” by association, and I estimate that anywhere from 30-50 chose their side. That sounds like a lot, but that was out of like 1900 people 😁. I think they actually lost a lot of friends during that time.

        I’m happy to hear that you got an apology! That *is* rare these days, which is a total shame. An apology for wrongdoing should be the norm, and that *should* go without saying, but society is what it is these days *sigh* ❤️

        My style of forgiveness is different from most 😊. I do not–and won’t ever–let the perpetrators off the hook for what they did; it doesn’t mean that what they did was ok, because it never is. It just means I’m severing my feelings toward it, at least as much as I can. (Is that even possible?). I don’t hold ill will toward them, but I try to break the ties that bind me to their actions. It’s a process of setting myself free. It’s not for their benefit, but for mine 💞💞. Letting them off the hook isn’t my style, though. I just sort of mentally wash my hands of it 😁. If that makes sense 💙

        Shame on people indeed! There’s so much cruelty and hostility and rudeness in the world, which makes finding kindred spirits like you that much more special, and I really mean that 💗💗


      • YES it makes perfect sense. It is the ” I am SOOO DONE with you” theory that I go by. That may not make sense to everyone but it does to me. Like I give you no more space in my brain! Bye! Unless a random thought or flashback comes a long then I have to go through the entire process again.
        It is hard to find kindred spirits but super fuckin cool when you do right?!!!!!!
        Your story is like my childhood story. There was me, kid who got molested. My family. Then the molester. Then the entire ski team. No one wanted to choose me because then they didn’t get to do the ski team so they chose the molester and turned a blind eye, looked the other way, lived in denial, pretended, then blamed. My family acted as if nothing ever happened. So it was a twitter bully but in real life. I don’t know which would be harder. Someone hiding behind twitter or someone looking you in the eye and you knowing that they think you don’t matter. In the end these people, the people that hurt you. The people that hurt me, they have to live with themselves. Maybe they have no conscience or remorse but maybe a few do

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      • Omg! That is incredibly tragic 😰😰. My heart aches for you; I just want to give you the warmest hug, right *now*. Not only were you traumatized, but then essentially dismissed and abandoned. And by your own family, too 😰😳😡. I’m so, so, so sorry that happened to you 💐💐💐. It does influence who we are, especially when it involves the very people who are supposed to protect you, and especially when you’re young. Sending you so many healing thoughts that it’s not even funny 💚💙💜💝


      • Awe. Thank you very much.
        This whole seizure memory loss has been a real kicker because part of my brain needs my mom and misses her and wants her and the other part remembers that she didn’t even care enough about me to stay in my life when i came forward with the truth. My husband said 2 years of processing her has poof just gone and it’s like i have to start all over again.

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  3. 16th paragraph down you wrote: “(which I am not sure what our agenda really even is other than lying)”

    Just a heads up that you may want to correct ‘our’ to ‘your’

    I’m not usually a spelling/grammar nazi, but this one seems important.


  4. Bethany, I found the Ghost’s post about you here on your blog. I read it and almost had a stroke. I remember your posts about him – but not once did you disclose a name. That’s when I knew his post was a lie. I was very dismayed to see a few bloggers I follow left comments supporting him. I almost puked. I didn’t leave a comment – it likely wouldn’t have seen the light of day anyway. I haven’t seen him around my blog this past week – no loss.

    I hope you will move past this sad chapter and continue with your regular posts. He’s not worth any more of your time or precious energy.


    • John you really made my day! Thank you so much for this. If you had posted he would not have approved it anyway. It was very sad to see MY followers posting on it too. I never said it WAS him. He just assumed it was. But yes, he told many lies. It made me feel very sick for a number of days. Then last night I just thought, wait, I have been through so much, I am recovering from these seizures, I cannot let this person affect me who is just a ghost in this world.
      There are people like you and sooo many on my blog and in my personal life that are REAL, that support and care about me. Finding the good is so important when there is such bad in the world. I could let his words affect me but then why? They are lies! And I am better than all of that. I have moved past it. I have written many blogs after that one. I think 4 now. 3 last night about flowers:) and then one this morning about blessings 🙂 because my life has had enough struggles and I am trying to embrace the good
      I almost puked too btw. It means you have a deep heart and you are a good man. Thank God for men like you in the world. Like my husband….the more I see, the more I realize the good will always outweigh the bad.

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      • I hope you’re right about the good people. I’m glad I made you smile today. I have to admit that I was in shock as I read his rant. Glad I stopped following him. Enough of that. Your friends and followers know who you are and how you operate. It’s why I’m still in the fold. Thanks for allowing me into the fold. Sometimes you write stuff that’s had to read, but you need to say these things and listening g helps me to understand a little bit. You write beautiful things too – and I love them!

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      • I know. I feel for those sometimes that are reading some of the hardships my body and spirit have gone through and some of my daily struggles. I know it is hard to read and think about. I do appreciate you still following me and reading my life story and the support you give. Yes, the people who follow me and my friends equally do know me and know what lies are and that my blog says it like it is and that i live by the truth. So I know that I have support and letting go of the bad people is part of the process. I am glad you like the good and the bad of what I write. I try to find beauty amidst the ugly. As best I can. Some days are harder than others!

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  5. It wasn’t in my spam folder it was in my trash folder. How bizarre is that. Fucking wordpress!!!!!!!!
    I don’t want to give my power away either. Regaining my inner strength and boundaries and feeling safe is paramount. Wow that was a big word and it just came to me!!!!
    Wow on what you just wrote though. Wow. Why do people have to become violent and racist. Why. Against a white autistic guy. How cruel. So cruel. Good for you for standing up for your friend.
    But yeah, just when you think it’s over they have to get the last word. I try not to read the last word if at all possible because usually it is just to further their nasty ass agenda and has not you or the original person in mind and the intent is malicious. People can be real assholes.


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