Blogger award

Thank you Tamara for nominating me for these special blogging awards. YOU ARE AWESOME and I love your blog. 
There are three awards! Thank you so much for each of them. 
I have read through the rules and well….my brain is still way too mush to remember and follow along. I keep going back to read all of the rules of each award and my brain says “ wait, what again?” I have gone back to it 10 times now I think and with my short term memory loss and recovering from the seizures still, I am more of a “stream of consiousness” blogger at the moment because it’s all I can do. 

I did not want to not reply to someone taking the time to recognize my blog so I wanted to answer her three questions she posed at the bottom of the page and send a big thank you to the purple almond for her shout out!!!! Thank you Tamara!!!!! 

Also, I wish I could name my favorite bloggers to nominate but in all honesty I love ALL of the blogs I follow. I could not just choose 15. I truly love each person behind each blog. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by having to choose so I will say I give you all awards for being you, for putting yourself out there, for touching lives with your personal stories, and I honor each of you for staying true to yourselves and being brave. 

Tamara’s 3 questions:
 1 If you could sit on a bench for an hour and talk with ANYONE (Past/present/dead/alive) … who would it be and why?

I would want to sit with my Nana, Maya Angelou, and my daughter. I would want to have a picnic with sweet pickles and boiled eggs (none of which my daughter would eat)  because that is what my Nana used to do. These are my three favorite women, my heros, and I would love to have them all together at the same time.

 2 If money were no object, what would you do with your life/as a career?

Money would not be the issue as much as if my body were able what would I do as a career and I would most definitely go back to being a volunteer chaplain for hospice. Something I did for no money at all, until the muscle disease made me unable to keep doing it. 
 3 If you could travel to Mars to live and help start up a new colony, would you go, even knowing you’d never return to Earth? Why or why not?

There is far too much beauty here on this earth I have yet to explore. I will happily stay here and continue my journey. 

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