A reply from a child molester. 

an actual reply from a child molester…not that I am advocating contacting a child molester…this was just my experience with one

NOT MY SECRET...My story...My truth

I sent a message to the man who molested me when I was at a ski school as a little girl. I sent him the message on facebook back in 2011. I sent messages to the men who abused me that I could find via Facebook. I only got one reply, from the ski school instructor. It happened only once but I detailed in the message to him what he did and how it made me feel. Here is his reply:


 I am so very sorry that I acted in such a way that you have described. I can only blame myself for such a terrible act.

There are many things that we all as adults have done in the past that we would do over, if we had the chance. What you have written is now my number one Regret.

 I wish I had used better judgment. Nothing…

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8 thoughts on “A reply from a child molester. 

  1. My family didn’t react or respond very appropriately either when they found out I had been molested. I’m glad for you that you got an apology. I did too. It was weird and difficult to believe. But it made me see the guy in a new light.

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      • In my case, there was mental illness and family wide dysfunction that created a molester, allowed the situation to happen, and then create a huge secret and shame-filled cover up when it was found out. I understand the dynamics of my family and have healed from the shame, guilt and anger. Going through a Kundalini has re-awoken feelings, but as I move through this process, it’s not only creating a deeper level of healing for me, but for my entire family (molester included). Not that I sought it out, but that’s what’s happening.


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